14-Day Meditation Challenge

Learning how to meditate may actually be easier than you think. This 14-day meditation challenge will help you begin your journey and cultivate a daily habit. During these two weeks, the meditations are designed to progress, starting with 5 minutes and gradually lengthening in time. The first week focuses on the tools and techniques; practicing breathing; and finding your foundation. In week two, some movement and mantras are introduced for variety and focus.

By creating a daily practice, you can reduce stress, increase calmness, promote clarity, and increase your overall happiness. Meditation is about mindfulness and these two weeks will help you be more present and relaxed in your daily life. Please take a moment to watch the introduction video below to get more information on the process. Then, when you are ready, start watching the videos below in order every day for the next 14 days! Be sure to save or bookmark this page to access your daily meditations.

14-Day Meditation Challenge: Day 1

Day 1

Showing Up
14-Day Meditation Challenge: Day 2

Day 2

Find Your Foundation
14-Day Meditation Challenge: Day 3

Day 3

Notice Your Energy Levels

14-Day Meditation Challenge: Day 4

Day 4

Relaxed Body Relaxed Mind
14-Day Meditation Challenge: Day 5

Day 5

Mental Notes
14-Day Meditation Challenge: Day 6

Day 6

Balancing with Breath

14-Day Meditation Challenge: Day 7

Day 7

Everyday Gratitude
14-Day Meditation Challenge: Day 8

Day 8

Movement is Meditation
14-Day Meditation Challenge: Day 9

Day 9

Find More Space Through Sound

14-Day Meditation Challenge: Day 10

Day 10

I am Balance
14-Day Meditation Challenge: Day 11

Day 11

Exuding Peace
14-Day Meditation Challenge: Day 12

Day 12

Stretch Your Body and Mind

14-Day Meditation Challenge: Day 13

Day 13

It’s Good to Slow Down
14-Day Meditation Challenge: Day 14

Day 14

Moving Your Practice Forward

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Thanks so much for participating in this challenge with me. I do hope you feel proud of yourself; I know I do!

Until next time,
Chris Freytag

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94 Responses to “14-Day Meditation Challenge”

  1. Alexandra Ramos

    I have unsuccessfully tried meditation many times to no avail. I am really looking forward to trying this. I will go in with positive energy only!

  2. Mary

    I’m excited to try this meditation. I’m beginning my wellness challenge for myself Nov 1

  3. Ana

    Meditation as part of my daily routine has been a goal of mine – thanks for this challenge!

  4. Jeanette

    I can’t wait to do this again. I need meditation in my daily life to stay healthy and remain calm.

  5. Kathleen

    I am 76 years old and wanted to try this for a very long time, I will let you know how I do. I have started the first day.

  6. Arlene Gago

    This will help me release all of my stress n negative energy n bring forth goodness, awareness, mind, body , n soul into one.

  7. Lynda Carr

    I have read that I have a “monkey brain” when it comes to meditation—so easily distracted—no focus—hoping this will help me—have tried to master the art many times with little success—I keep trying!!

  8. Paula

    I’m looking forward to a wonderful program (challenge). During Covid-19 I’ve become lax in exercising as well as keeping my mind clear through meditation. Thank you for taking the time to do this.

  9. Jorge Carino

    me gustaria retomar la meditacion sobre todos en esto tiempos, estube tomando clases de yoga. No he seguido ni siquiera en tomandolas en online porque tengo GLAOCUMA. y el medico me ordeno no agachar la cabeza, brincar, correr unicamente estoy caminando. GRACIAS POR ACEPTARME.

  10. Nelly

    Chloe, I have thoroughly benefitted from this program and plan on using it frequently. Thank you for your clear, concise and approachable instruction and communication.

  11. Christine Lenon

    I would love to try meditation, as I am a senior and have two knee replacements I cannot sit in the positions like the instructor.
    Is there another way to sit for this?

    • Customer Service

      Hello Christine,

      Great question! Currently, asking questions of our fitness experts is part of the membership program. We do have a promotional link if you’re interested in our Premium videos, discounts, ask the expert and more! https://go.gethealthyutv.com/C22592

      Let us know if you have questions!
      Get Healthy U TV Video Membership

    • Paula

      Christine – During the introductory video she states you can do this sitting down in a chair, which will be much easier for us seniors ;)

    • Customer Service

      Hello Tumaini,

      These videos are pre-recorded. So they work into your schedule!

      If you have further questions, just let us know!

      Get Healthy U TV Video Membership

  12. Elizabeth

    I just had a pelvic surgery therefore I wouldn’t be able to do any movements. I will listen and absorb as much as I can. It’s going to very interesting.

  13. Gail

    I’m looking forward to this challenge. Meditation has been helpful to me especially during this trying times.

  14. Marcy

    Have been wanting to try meditation but haven’t had the motivation to do so!

  15. Sheryl Glenn

    Have wanted to restart my meditation after about a 4 year absence.

  16. Maria del Rosario

    I want to do this meditation because a like to do it. But I’m gonna do it in the mornings, because I think it’s better for me. Thank you for this opportunity that you gave us free, I’m just speak a little bit English, I hope you understand me

  17. Joan Collymore

    I am a senior who would love to learn how to meditate. I can’t fold up my legs like most, and I would like an alternative.

    • Faye Hall

      I am a senior and have a knee problem. I would like to try The mediation but I am unable to do the physical exercises. Do you have an alternative method without the physical exercise?

    • Debbie Whitmore

      I am a senior too, with limited physical mobility. I would still like to learn to meditate also.

    • Kelly Falk

      You can probably sit comfortably in a chair with your feet flat on the ground. In other practices I’ve done, that’s been ok. You can even lie down comfortably.

  18. Laurie Shine

    In this changing world it’s increasingly hard to quiet your mind. I hope I am up to the challenge.

    • SILVIA

      I’ve never been able to meditate more than a couple of days… This time I’m gonna do it!