6 Ways to Increase Your Calorie Burn


If you’re like most of us, you wish you could take your calorie burn up a notch. You want to make your workouts work for you by working smarter, not harder. Whether your goal is to lose weight, have more energy, or simply feel better, here are six of our favorite ways to burn calories better and see faster results than you thought possible.

1. Move More Consistently

If you work out once a day by going to a gym class or going on a run, you can’t just sit on the couch all day afterward and expect to see results. In order to maximize your calorie burn, you need to be active all day. Start the day off right by committing to moving right away in the morning, and set alarm reminders on your phone to get up and move more throughout the day. Choose to stand instead of sit if you have the option, take a walk on your lunch break – anything to add more movement throughout your day. Read more…

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