Power 20 Calendar

This calendar is a 28-day program that will lead you through the Power 20 series. Using a combination of strength training, core work, kickboxing and yoga, this system allows you to workout smarter, not longer.

A series of intervals and circuits that combine cardio drills, strength exercises and bodyweight moves, each Power 20 workout is intense and designed to whip your body into shape. Power up, sculpt your body, and become a more fit you!

All exercises you perform are your own responsibility and you perform them at your own risk. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider before starting any physical exercise, fitness or wellness regiments of any kind.

  • Cardio Kickbox

    This is a cardio-based workout with simple and effective boxing moves that will get your heart pumping in no time. Constant but not complicated drills including kicks, punches, and blocks will blast fat while boosting your self-confidence. It’s a fast-paced cardio kickboxing routine that’s easy on your joints. This cardio kickboxing routine is a steady, cardio-paced workout that’s full of punches, jabs, kicks and blocks. These powerful boxing moves will get you in your aerobic zone, allowing you to burn fat and calories while feeling strong and confident.

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  • Power Flow Yoga

    This is a heart-pumping Vinyasa power flow yoga practice that will take you through a series of flowing poses to increase your flexibility and energize your mind and body. Chris is friendly and calming, reminding you to breathe deeply through each of the poses to get maximum benefits. Flow through each pose as you strengthen and lengthen your body.

    This power flow yoga is the perfect complement to existing workouts or great as a standalone yoga practice where you want continuous, flowing movement.

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  • Muffin Top Melter

    The muffin top melter is only 10 minutes of intense core work, but after you try it once, you’ll see why it’s no joke. Get down to business with nine exercises in a row; forty-five seconds each. Using all core muscles, this intense muffin top melter incorporates your abs and back and strengthens the entire core body.

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  • Slow Burn

    This interval-based workout will seriously burn calories and firm up muscles! Slow burn involves periods of intense work followed by short periods of rest. Do nine exercises in a row; two rounds each. Don’t let the name fool you–this slow burn is exactly that: a muscle-burning, calorie-burning workout that will make you feel stronger, leaner, and more powerful by the time you’re through.

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  • Circuits in 6

    Try this intense, full body circuit workout that incorporates both strength and cardio to simultaneously sculpt muscles and burn calories. This workout utilizes athletic based moves involving plyometrics and dumbbells to give you maximum results. This full body circuit workout is high-energy and takes you through six exercises in a row, for one minute each.

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  • Pyramid Power

    Power up, shape your body and become a more fit you with this powerful pyramid workout that will sculpt your entire body. This workout is interval-based and called Pyramid Power for a reason!

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