GOLD LIVE Class: Blended Barre

Join us for this Get Healthy U TV live workout, exclusive to those with GOLD membership! Lindsey Bomgren will lead you through a full-body workout targeting the areas we love to work — arms, abs, thighs and glutes!

This 45-minute workout includes lightweight, high-repetition strength training and isometric holds with low-impact cardio to strengthen and tone while raising your heart rate. Modifications will be offered to omit the cardio, but if you’re looking to raise your heart-rate in a low-impact way you’re going to love these exercises. You can do this workout with just your bodyweight or add a set of light dumbbells (2-5 lbs) and a chair for balance.

Level: Intermediate
Equipment: Optional set of light dumbbells (2-5 lbs)
Instructor: Lindsey Bomgren

In order to view the Live Class, be sure to visit this page while logged in to your GOLD member account. Want to stream this workout to your TV? Here is how to do it.


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21 Responses to “GOLD LIVE Class: Blended Barre”
    • Customer Service Techs

      Hello Lynn, please give our customer service line a call and we would be happy to look up your membership and answer any questions you may have! 1-844-278-2050.


    Best way to get a busy day started right. Looking forward to a great workout (as they always are.)

  2. Geraldine

    so excited to do the Live workout in real time, I ususally I am working. yeah!!

  3. Diana

    I didn’t get to do the class live but still loved it – excellent workout !

  4. Barbara

    Wow! I’m glad I tried this! I almost skipped this one, as I’m not into barre, this was awesome, one of my faves!

    I have a few requests if I may- I’d love to see some shorter workouts & wrist friendly workouts!!

  5. Katharine

    Amazing, exhausting and totally fun! Please do more of these and add a resistance band for extra fun. Chris please join the class, you 3 girls make an awesome trio. Thanks from Northern Ontario !

  6. Robin

    I didn’t know what to expect but this was a great workout! I usually use heavier weights but should have listened to Lindsey in the beginning. Started with 12’s, dropped down to 10’s, then 8’s and finally 5’s! And the bonus…my favorite hip opening stretch, half pigeon. Thanks ladies!

  7. Patricia

    I love this workout! It is low impact and can be stepped up to higher impact according to my ability. I’ve done this workout approx 4times, and feel I’ve worked my whole body and accomplished something 👍😅