LIVE STREAM Get Healthy U TV Virtual Fitness Weekend 3.0


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Back by popular demand…. Join us for the 3rd LIVE STREAM Virtual Get Healthy U TV Fitness Weekend. Make the commitment to better yourself and spend a weekend with our trainers and our community. Get educated, inspired and recharged as we finish up 2022. Don’t wait till January 1st – DO IT NOW! Let’s spend time together as you live stream all the fun right in your own home!

Includes: Your event ticket includes:

* The Friday Night Happy Hour

* 4 Fitness Classes (new concepts, new challenges)

* Exclusive GHUTV Downloadable Worksheets

* 4 new workshops covering the topics of Aging, Mobility, Menopause and Mental Health

* Multiple Opportunities to Join Live Q&A’s

* Fab Fitness Giveaways throughout the weekend!

* 90 Days to rewatch the full event!

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Cardio Kickbox

Cardio Kickbox

Level: All Levels Equipment: Bodyweight Instructor: Chris Freytag
Mini 10-Minute Circuit Workout

Mini 10-Minute Circuit Workout

Welcome to your mini 10-minute circuit workout! A circuit means to string exercises together with little to no rest in between, and that’s what this heart-pumping workout is all about. If you’ve ever wondered if you can get a solid workout in just 10 minutes, this total body routine is…
Overview of ‘Walk & Tone’ Fitness Program

Overview of ‘Walk & Tone’ Fitness Program

If you’ve been thinking of starting a walking program but were hesitant to try, our Walk and Tone workouts are the ones for you. Designed for beginners or those looking for a nice, low-impact cardiovascular routine, each of the workouts in our walking program will get your heart pumping with simple choreography that’s fun but easy-to-follow. Equipment needed: None