Day 1: Showing Up

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Duration: 5:58

Congratulations on committing to a daily meditation practice and welcome to Day 1!

The first step in consistency is commitment.

Today letโ€™s show up for ourselves and for each other and commit to building this journey ahead.

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11 Responses to “Day 1: Showing Up”

  1. JEAN

    Thank you so much. I have done the meditations already on the GHUTV site, but this will be motivating for me to do a session every day.

  2. Jean Bernstein
    Jean Bernstein

    That was great. Thank you!! With the state of our country right now…We all need peace.

  3. Terri

    I really enjoy relaxing with you. But how do I know when and if I meditate

  4. Maga

    Thanks dear.. loved these minutes and wish to keep committing with you to find my peaceful me again..

  5. Michele Burke
    Michele Burke

    This is the first time I was able to really focus and finish any meditation session. Thank you for your clear and calm guidance.

  6. Sabrina Abd El-Hamid
    Sabrina Abd El-Hamid

    Thank you… Breathing helps me stay focused on what I can do now instead of worrying about the future or being sad of the past… Thank you sooo much for helping… Great program idea