• 6:53

    5-Minute Guided Meditation for Mindfulness

    Being mindful means being completely in the present moment. Let this five-minute guided meditation take you into that space of total awareness to enjoy the simplicity of being exactly where you are.

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  • 12:11

    10-Minute Bodyweight Workout

    It might be hard to believe you can really get a complete workout in 10 minutes, but this 10-minute bodyweight workout might finally convince you! Whether you travel for work, take time to visit relatives or spend time vacationing, you will find this simple but challenging tabata bodyweight workout perfect for doing on the road…

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  • 10-Minute Bicep, Tricep, and Shoulder Workout

    10-Minute Bicep, Tricep, and Shoulder Workout

    Are you ready for a beautiful, strong upper body? Join us for this amazing 10-Minute bicep, tricep and shoulder workout. Whether you’re looking for a quick 10-minute workout for your day, or a great upper body challenge that you can tack onto your cardio workout, these 10-minutes will do the trick! So pick up some…

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  • 12:55

    10-Minute Guided Meditation to Open Your Heart

    Our heart is the center that allows us to connect to ourselves and to others. Use this guided meditation to discover what is lying in your own heart, so you can develop more compassion and understanding not only for those around you, but for yourself as well.

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  • 10:53

    Helpful Stretches for Low Back Pain Relief

    Low back pain is a common problem that nearly 80% or people will face at some point in their lives. One of the most frequently asked questions doctors receive is how to eliminate low back pain, and if you’ve had this pain for over 3 months then your pain is considered to be chronic and…

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  • 12:34

    10-Minute Breathing Meditation for Motivation

    Need a little motivation boost for your day? Motivation for your workout? This is a great active breathing technique that works your core and helps you to connect to your own willpower and determination to stay inspired.

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  • 11:56

    10-Minute All About the Upper Body Workout

    Are you ready for an amazing upper body? Grab some dumbbells and join us for this fun upper body workout that will get it all done including your upper back, biceps, triceps, chest and shoulders in just 10 minutes! No cardio, no lunges, no burpees, just pure upper body strength to help you sculpt and…

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  • 6:56

    5-Minute Breathing Meditation to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

    Reduce the stress response in your body and mind by practicing this simple five minute breathing technique that slows the heart rate and releases the relaxation response in the body. This can be done at any time of day and will leave you feeling more peaceful and at ease.

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  • 11:55

    10-Minute Low-Impact Circuit Workout

    Are you looking for a quick and effective 10-minute workout you can do anywhere, anytime? This 10-minute low-impact circuit workout is easy on the joints and uses only bodyweight so you don’t need any equipment. The compound exercises engage multiple muscle groups at the same time, increasing your heart rate, and burning up calories. A…

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