• 12:30

    10-Minute Guided Meditation to Become More Energized

    Feeling low energy? This 10-minute guided meditation will give you simple exercises to energize and increase blood flow through your body, creating more energy for your day, your workout, or any situation which you need a little boost!

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  • 11:30

    10-Minute Abs and Glutes Workout

    Time for a tighter butt and better abs? This is your perfect 10-minute solution. Join Lindsey Bomgren for our awesome 10-Minute Butt and Abs Video. This amazing abs and glutes workout is exactly what it says it is! It’s all about your butt and your abs. That’s it! With strong, creative moves you will firm…

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  • 8:14

    5-Minute Breathing Meditation for Focus and Energy

    Have more focus and energy by using this simple breathing technique for five minutes. Breathing through the right nostril only helps us to energize and take charge of our mind to be focused to achieve whatever task is at hand.

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  • 11:24

    10-Minute Diastasis Recti Workout

    If you recently had a baby and you have diastasis recti we have a program to help you heal and get strong! Don’t know what diastasis recti is? Diastasis recti is an abdominal separation seen in postpartum women where the space between the two sides of the rectus abdominus muscle (low abs) is larger than…

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  • 12:05

    10-Minute TRX Ab Workout

    Ready for a totally unique way to strengthen your abs and tone up your belly? It’s time to dive into our TRX ab workout. In just 10 minutes you’ll get a stronger core and healthier spine by using the TRX straps and engaging all the muscles in your mid-section. The pilates-based moves in this workout…

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  • 11:47

    10-Minute TRX Beginner Workout

    Maybe you’ve heard of the TRX but never tried it. Perhaps you’ve seen them in the gym and wanted to explore but had no idea where to start. This 10-minute TRX beginner workout will be the perfect way to introduce you to the world of TRX and give you a full body workout in just…

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  • 12:31

    10-Minute Total Body Stretch 2

    Cooling down from a run? Feeling tight from yesterday’s workout? Just need a break in the long workday? Then this 10-minute stretch routine is the perfect thing for you. It’s the perfect way to unwind and loosen tight muscles while at the same time helping to improve posture and flexibility. So many people skip the…

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  • 110 Minute Total Body Exercise

    10 Minute Total Body Firm Up

    This 10 minute total body exercise is an effective way to work your full body when you’re short on time. Join us and get your heart pumping while toning and sculpting your muscles! There are so many days that you really want that killer workout but you just can’t see how you’ll fit it in.…

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  • 6:51

    5-Minute Guided Meditation for Gratitude

    Gratitude is one of the most elevated emotions we can feel in our bodies. Enjoy this five-minute guided meditation to bring you into a place of gratitude and invite in more space for things to be grateful for.

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