• 11:05

    10 Minute Barre Core Workout

    If you are ready to sculpt your core and tone your body then Barre is an amazing choice for you! This 10 Minute barre core workout led by Lindsey Bomgren will help you sculpt and tone your midsection, bringing you closer to tighter abs in just 10 minutes! Plus you’ll get some great work for…

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  • 10:53

    10 Minute Butt and Back Workout

    Are you ready for an intense workout to tone and strengthen two important muscle groups? You need this 10-minute butt and back workout. Your back and butt are two of the biggest metabolic muscles in your body and working them will help you get strong, burn calories, and get your heart rate up all at…

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  • 10:32

    10 Minute No Running Cardio Workout

    Only have 10 minutes to workout and need to get in some cardio? This 10-minute no running cardio workout is for you! Leave the treadmill behind and get some heart-pumping cardio done with just your own bodyweight in this quick and invigorating workout led by Lindsey Bomgren. Lindsey will lead you through a quick warm-up…

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  • 12:38

    10 Minute Kettlebell Workout

    Want to burn calories, build strength, and get your heart pumping? You don’t need to spend hours in the gym to get a solid workout done—this 10-minute kettlebell workout is proof that a quick, efficient workout is sometimes just what you need on busy days to get moving. Chris will lead you through four kettlebell…

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  • 13:00

    10 Minute Total Body Stretch

    In need of a good total body stretch? Try this 10-minute routine led by Leah Zahner. Leah will lead you through a gentle series of stretches that will loosen up your muscles, improve your flexibility, and leave you feeling amazing. All you need for this total body stretch is a mat and a little space.…

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  • 12:25

    10 Minute Cardio Circuit

    Looking for a way to get a quick cardio routine done in the comfort of your own home? Join Leah Zahner for this 10-minute cardio circuit that will burn calories and leave you feeling accomplished. All you’ll need for this cardio circuit workout is a little bit of space and your own bodyweight—there’s no equipment…

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  • 11:41

    10 Minute Butt and Thigh Workout

    Want a quick way to work your lower body? This 10-minute butt and thigh workout is for you! Led by Leah Zahner, this 10-minute workout strings together continuous exercises with minimal rest in between, to help you get more done in less time.You’ll tone your glutes, thighs, and legs and also burn some calories and…

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  • 11:49

    10 Minute Pilates Yoga Fusion

    Ready for a quick workout unlike any other? It’s time to try Pilates yoga fusion, led by trainer Jodi Sussner. In just ten minutes you’ll flow through Yoga and Pilates moves that will work your core, burn some calories, and give you a nice stretch at the same time. Even if you just have ten…

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  • 10:56

    10 Minute Cardio Core Workout

    Get ready to work your core and get your heart pumping in this combination cardio core workout led by Jodi Sussner! In just 10 minutes, Jodi will take you through several ab moves interspersed with cardio drills to burn calories and target your abs. You don’t need any equipment for this workout except your own

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