• 11:49

    10 Minute Pilates Yoga Fusion

    Ready for a quick workout unlike any other? It’s time to try Pilates yoga fusion, led by trainer Jodi Sussner. In just ten minutes you’ll flow through Yoga and Pilates moves that will work your core, burn some calories, and give you a nice stretch at the same time. Even if you just have ten…

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  • 10:56

    10 Minute Cardio Core Workout

    Get ready to work your core and get your heart pumping in this combination cardio core workout led by Jodi Sussner! In just 10 minutes, Jodi will take you through several ab moves interspersed with cardio drills to burn calories and target your abs. You don’t need any equipment for this workout except your own

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  • 11:39

    10 Minute Arms and Abs Workout

    Two areas most of us wish we could transform are our arms and abs. Luckily, this quick workout allows you to focus in on your arms and abs without spending an hour in the gym! Join Get Healthy U TV trainer Jodi Sussner as she leads you through this 10 minute arms and abs workout

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  • Core Circuit Workout

    Ab Crusher Circuit Workout

    Are you ready for an effective core circuit workout that will give you lean and defined abs? This fun, 10-minute ab circuit will have you feeling the burn as you strengthen your core! Starting with a quick warm up, Chris will explain the intervals involved. There will be 45 seconds of work followed by 15…

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  • 10:32

    10-Minute Power Pilates Core Workout

    Are you looking for a powerful workout that will transform your abs, strengthen your body, and leave you feeling great? Then this Pilates core workout is for you! These mindful, Pilates-inspired movements will help you engage more core muscles than with just plain old crunches. Mix up your routine with this Pilates core workout. It…

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