• GHUTV LIVE! Boosting Your Immunity

    Join Chris Freytag and Sam Cameranesi for the next GHUTV LIVE Q&A on Wednesday, September 16th at 1:00 p.m. CT. Chris and Sam will discuss ways to boost your immunity including an all new calendar to follow if your goal is to have a wide variety of workouts that challenge your body and mind daily.…

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  • GHUTV LIVE! Mix Up Your Workout and Everyday Routine

    Join Chris Freytag and Sam Cameranesi for the next GHUTV LIVE Q&A on Wednesday, August 12th at 1:00pm C.T. Chris and Sam will discuss ways to mix up your workout and everyday routine. They will provide ideas for new recipes and tips for redecorating your workout space. Get your questions ready and join us! Resources:…

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  • 1:01:44

    GHUTV LIVE! How to Deal with Acute and Chronic Injuries

    Our July LIVE Q&A topic was all about how to deal with acute and chronic injuries. We all have sore spots and Chris is here to help you work through those! Catch up with us now if you missed us LIVE, and come back each month to get your questions answered LIVE!

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  • 1:03:44

    GHUTV LIVE! Power of a Positive Mindset Through Change

    Chris Freytag and Sam Cameranesi discuss the power of a positive mindset. In such uncertain times with anxiety running high, we are here to help answer your questions as well as give you tips on how to strengthen your mind. Remember, the power of your mind is where it all starts!

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  • 1:01:10

    GHUTV LIVE! Nutrition and Healthy Eating Habits

    On this month’s GHUTV Q&A Chris Freytag and Sam Cameranesi answered questions from LIVE viewers on what Chris eats in a day, supplements she likes to take and how she is staying healthy during our stay at home order. Tune in now if you missed it LIVE!

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  • 1:04:35

    GHUTV LIVE! Keeping a Positive Mindset in a Time of Worry

    Chris Freytag and Sam Cameranesi discuss tips on how to keep a positive mindset during a time of worry.

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  • 1:02:25

    GHUTV LIVE! Staying Healthy While Social Distancing

    Chris Freytag and Leah Zahner discuss how to stay healthy and focus on mental and physical health during this “social distancing” phase of life we are experiencing. As many of us are working from home and confined to our houses, Chris answers your questions about how to stay healthy during this time.

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  • 1:01:45

    GHUTV LIVE! Heart Health

    February is American Heart Month! Chris Freytag and Lindsey Bomgren discussed heart health, a topic that is very near and dear to our hearts as heart disease is the #1 killer of women in America. Remember to take care of your heart!

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  • 1:01:55

    GHUTV LIVE! All About Nutrition

    As some of you know, we have been giving the GHUTV LIVE Q&A’s a theme to provide new and fresh material. As many of you have been asking, this months event focused around NUTRITION! Chris Freytag discussed macros, healthy recipes, plant based diets, meal prep, and much more.

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