• 12:21

    10-Minute Jump Rope Workout

    Welcome to our 10-minute jump rope workout! This is a fantastic cardio challenge for anyone who loves to jump rope—with or without the actual rope! Join trainer Sam Cameranesi as she takes you through a fun, challenging, calorie-burning workout that will push you in a whole new way! The beauty of training with a jump…

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  • 25:59

    Chair Program – Chair Conditioning

    Welcome to our Chair Conditioning Workout! This chair conditioning workout includes all parts of fitness including getting stronger, improving your cardio and strengthening your core. It’s the whole picture of fitness! This workout is great for beginners who are just getting started or those new to exercise. It’s also great for those who have fallen…

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  • 11:28

    10-Minute Medicine Ball Workout

    If you’re looking for an empowering cross-training workout that gives you both strength and cardio all in one, welcome to this 10-Minute Medicine Ball Workout. This workout uses a medicine ball for extra strength and a higher heart rate. The heavier the ball, the harder you’re going to work! In just 10 minutes, trainer Chris…

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  • 12:11

    10-Minute Bodyweight Workout

    It might be hard to believe you can really get a complete workout in 10 minutes, but this 10-minute bodyweight workout might finally convince you! Whether you travel for work, take time to visit relatives or spend time vacationing, you will find this simple but challenging tabata bodyweight workout perfect for doing on the road…

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  • 11:55

    10-Minute Low-Impact Circuit Workout

    Are you looking for a quick and effective 10-minute workout you can do anywhere, anytime? This 10-minute low-impact circuit workout is easy on the joints and uses only bodyweight so you don’t need any equipment. The compound exercises engage multiple muscle groups at the same time, increasing your heart rate, and burning up calories. A…

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  • 110 Minute Total Body Exercise

    10-Minute Total Body Firm Up

    This 10-minute total body exercise is an effective way to work your full body when you’re short on time. Join us and get your heart pumping while toning and sculpting your muscles! There are so many days that you really want that killer workout but you just can’t see how you’ll fit it in. That’s…

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  • Low Impact Interval Workout

    10-Minute Low Impact Interval Workout

    So you want to do interval training but you are afraid of all the jumping and pounding on your joints? Welcome to our 10 Minute Low Impact Interval Workout! This low impact interval workout will give you all the intensity and challenge of an interval workout without all the impact on your joints! This low…

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  • 10 Minute Upper Body HIIT Workout

    10-Minute Upper Body HIIT Workout

    WHAT IT IS Want a killer workout? Got 10 minutes? This upper body HIIT workout is the perfect solution. Grab a pair of dumbbells and get ready to sweat. In just 10 minutes you will strengthen and sculpt your arms while torching calories with some killer cardio intervals! High intensity interval training (HIIT) has been…

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  • 10 Minute Tabata Bodyweight Workout

    10 Minute Tabata Bodyweight Workout

    Welcome to our amazing 10 Minute Tabata Hiit Workout! This 10 minute tabata bodyweight workout will get your heart pumping while torching calories using nothing but your own body weight! How easy is that? No excuses for skipping your workout with this one. No searching for equipment or trying to decide exactly what to do.…

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