• 49:59

    Low Impact Dumbbell Strength

    Looking for a kick-butt low impact workout to build strength? Here it is! This Low Impact Dumbbell Strength workout was made for anyone looking to work hard and sweat without all the jumping and pounding that happens with high impact movements. In other words, your muscles will thank you but so will your knees, hips…

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  • 1:00:21

    Hip-Hop Grooves

    If you are ready to literally shake up your workout routine and truly have fun while you move, Hip Hop Grooves with Twitch is just the fix you need! Known for both his role as Ellen’s sidekick and his amazing dance skills from So You Think You Can Dance, Twitch will take you on a…

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  • HIIT Workout Program to Strengthen and Tone

    HIIT Workout Program: Going Strong

    You’ll start with a brief warm up that includes some dynamic stretching and plyometric work to get your heart rate up. Then, you’ll move onto the main portion of this HIIT workout program. The first round of exercises begins with a reverse lunge halo chop, which you’ll perform for 45 seconds, before getting a 15 second recovery, and then repeating a few more times.

    Equipment needed:

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