• 0:43

    Mountain Climbers

    Some of the most effective exercises you can do utilize just your own bodyweight, and mountain climbers are no exception! Watch this short video to learn how to do mountain climbers in a few simple steps. It’s an amazing bodyweight-only move that gets your heart rate up and uses your entire body. It starts in…

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  • 2:50

    Fruit Snacks Are Not Fruit

    Many of us have fallen victim to the false advertisement of food companies, particularly when it comes to fruit snacks. Fruit snacks are not fruit! It sounds obvious, but many of us have been tricked into thinking they contain redeeming ingredients. However, most of these fruit snacks are simply laden with sugar and made with…

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  • How to Perform Forward Lunges

    Forward Lunges

    Forward lunges are one of the most basic—but effective—bodyweight exercises for toning the legs, glutes, and thighs. While weighted strength training is great, sometimes the best exercises you can do utilize just your own body! Although lunges seem simple, proper form is the difference between seeing results and wasting your time. Watch as Chris Freytag…

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  • 2:49

    Should You Avoid Fruit?

    Have you ever been told you should avoid fruit if you want to lose weight? Let certified personal trainer and health coach Chris Freytag debunk this worn-out myth. In this brief video, Chris explains why fruit is one of the best carbs out there and why you don’t need to avoid fruit if you’re trying…

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  • 0:47

    Downward Dog Push Up

    Combining the yoga pose of downward facing dog and a traditional push-up, a downward dog push up is a fun push up variation to work your arms and challenge your body! Watch this quick video as Chris Freytag demonstrates how to do a downward dog push up. Whether you do push ups regularly or have…

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  • Curtsy Lunge

    Curtsy Lunge

    Need a new lunge variation to mix things up or break out of a fitness rut? Try a cross-behind or curtsy lunge. Bodyweight movements like these are often the most effective at tightening and toning the muscles, but to keep your body guessing you need to perform different moves and give yourself plenty of variety.…

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  • 0:44

    Army Crawl Plank

    Ready for a total body exercise that works multiple muscle groups at once and requires zero equipment? Try an army crawl plank! If you know how to do a basic plank, you’re halfway there. An army crawl plank is a bodyweight exercise that will work your core, arms, and chest at the same time, helping…

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  • Stability Ball Core Exercise

    Stability Ball Core Exercise

    Sick of doing crunches but still want to work your abs? Try this fun stability ball core exercise instead! It’s a great way to work the abdominals and mix up your usual exercise routine. Incorporate this move in any of your core workouts for an added boost! All you’ll need for this simple exercise is…

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  • 0:52

    How to Perform a Chest Fly

    Are you in a push-up rut? Here’s another move that works similar muscles but can give you a bit of variety! A chest fly is another fantastic way to work your chest and arm muscles—swap them in place of push-ups for a few weeks or simply add them into your upper body workout for another…

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