• How to Do a Burpee

    How to Do a Burpee

    “I love burpees!” said no one ever. A burpee is truly one of the best bodyweight exercises you can do that works your ENTIRE body! In this short video you’ll learn how to do a burpee, as well as a few variations you can take on the traditional burpee to add more of a challenge…

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  • Bird Dog Exerice

    Bird Dog Exercise

    Sick of doing traditional crunches but still want to work on improving your abs? There are plenty of core exercises you can do besides crunches that still give you an ab workout and strengthen your core. A great example is the bird dog exercise, also sometimes called the “bird dog crunch.” Alternative ab exercises or…

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    How to Perform Renegade Rows

    A strong back is essential for so many things: core strength, injury prevention, and even good posture. Renegade rows are an excellent back exercise using dumbbells. Learn how to perfect a renegade row, which starts in a plank position. Chris will provide modifications and tips on how to complete this move properly so you can define and strengthen your back.

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  • Core Exercise to Tone and Strengthen Abs

    Core Exercise: Snowball/Snow Angel

    It may sound like something you do in the winter, but the Snowball/Snow Angel exercise is actually a great core exercise you can do any time to work your abs! In this quick video, GHU TV instructor Lindsey Bomgren demonstrates how to perform this move that you can perform on a mat or the floor…

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  • Full Body Roll Up Exercise

    Full-Body Roll Up Exercise

    Sick of doing sit-ups and crunches and not seeing results? Try this Pilates-inspired move that’s more effective and will strengthen your entire core, including your abs and back. In this short video, Chris Freytag demonstrates how to perform a full-body roll up exercise to strengthen your core. She’ll also provide some modifications if you can’t…

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  • How to Perform a Surfer Spin

    How to Perform a Surfer Spin

    If you’re looking for a fun squat variation to try, a surfer spin might be just the move for you. First off, it’s a move that’s as fun as its name; it’s a plyometric exercise that will get your heart rate up and mix up your usual bodyweight workout routine. This exercise incorporates a traditional…

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  • Superman Exercise

    Variations of the Superman Exercise

    Strengthen your low back and core with a superman exercise! In this short video, GHU TV trainer Lindsey Bomgren will show you how to properly perform a superman. Bodyweight exercises like this are excellent because there’s no equipment needed and you can perform them anytime, anywhere. This exercise is also great because it helps strengthen…

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  • Boat Pose Variations

    Boat Pose Variations

    Boat pose is a great ab exercise that tests your balance and helps you build core strength at the same time. In addition, this pose helps strengthen your spine and works your hip flexors, too. This pose can be a challenge for some, but working towards it will help transform your abs and strengthen your…

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  • Glute Bridge

    How to Do a Proper Glute Bridge

    A glute bridge is an amazing exercise to tone not only your glutes but your core and hamstrings as well. This bodyweight-only exercise can be done anywhere at anytime, and there’s no equipment needed. Watch this quick video as Lindsey Bomgren shows you how to do a glute bridge to tighten and tone your lower…

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