• Skaters Exercise

    How to Perform the Skaters Exercise

    If you want a heart-pumping, total-body exercise to strengthen your muscles and burn calories, the skaters exercise is for you. You may have seen skaters before in athletic or HIIT workouts; they require a little bit of balance and core stability. Skaters work your lower body similar to a single leg squat, helping tone your…

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  • Barre Basics

    Ballet Barre Basics

    In this Barre basics video, instructor Lindsey Bomgren teaches you the terms, positions, and movements you’ll need to know to start your first Barre class. Barre is a combination of ballet, pilates, functional strength training and yoga. If the word “ballet” scares you, don’t worry! No formal dance experience is required. Plus, Barre is low-impact,…

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  • Exercises for Bad Knees

    Exercises for Bad Knees

    Whether you have chronic knee issues or you’re just getting into exercise and need to strengthen your knees before you jump into lots of squats and lunges, here are a few exercises for bad knees that will still tone your lower body. Chris will guide you through these bodyweight exercises that you can do anywhere,…

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  • Yoga Poses for Back Pain

    Yoga Poses for Back Pain

    Most of us experience back pain at some point in our life. It can be frustrating to deal with, especially when it sidelines us from our normal activities or workouts. Luckily, Chris is here to show you some gentle yoga poses for back pain you can use to get some relief. Depending on what type…

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  • Morning Yoga Stretches

    Morning Stretch Yoga

    One of the best ways to start your day is with some quick morning yoga stretches. It can be so helpful to loosen the muscles, warm up your back and shoulders, and help you mentally prepare for the day ahead. In this short video, Chris will lead you through a series of gentle morning yoga…

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  • Push Up Variations

    Push-Up Variations

    Push-ups are one of the best bodyweight exercises you can do and a great way to build upper body strength. Unfortunately for many people, push-ups can either be intimidating or boring—they are either unable to do a solid one or they stop doing them because it’s the same old push-up every time. In this short…

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  • Lunge Variations

    Lunge Variations

    Mix up your routine with several new lunge variations you can start using today. As you know, the lunge is an amazing lower-body exercise, but if you’re bored with traditional lunges, there are several different lunge variations which can make your workouts more fun. New lunge variations also change the direction in which you’re using…

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  • Plank Variations

    Plank Variations

    The plank is one of the best bodyweight exercises you can do to tone your abs and back. If you’ve never tried a regular plank before, Chris will start out this plank variations video by demonstrating how to do a traditional one. Guiding you through the movement, you’ll learn to make sure your shoulders are…

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  • Squat Variations

    Squat Variations

    Are you bored with your typical bodyweight exercises? Get ready to mix it up as Chris leads you through four different squat variations that will keep your muscles guessing and give you the results you want: a toned lower body. Squats are not only a great lower body exercise but incorporating multiple squat variations in…

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