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Lower Body Burn

Level: All Levels Equipment: Medium Dumbbells, Step Platform or Stable Chair, Mat Instructor: Chris Freytag

Yoga Flowetry Workout Video Download

Description Video Download: Yoga Flowetry Workout Yoga Flowetry is a calming and invigorating yoga practice all at the same time. Combining the strength of vinyasa-style yoga with the fluidity and rhythm of dance, this 60 minute yoga flow video gives you a solid workout that also brings about a deeper sense of inner peace. Your…

Ultimate Intervals

Level: Intermediate, Advanced Equipment: Bodyweight, Mat Instructor: Lindsey Bomgrem

10 Minute No Running Cardio Workout

Only have 10 minutes to workout and need to get in some cardio? This 10-minute no running cardio workout is for you! Leave the treadmill behind and get some heart-pumping cardio done with just your own bodyweight in this quick and invigorating workout led by Lindsey Bomgren. Lindsey will lead you through a quick warm-up…

Yoga Stretch 2

Level: All Levels Equipment: Bodyweight, Mat Instructor: Chris Freytag

10-Minute Barre Strength Workout

Ready for a little booty lift with shoulder sculpting on the side? Come along with trainer Lindsey Bomgren for this 10-minute barre strength workout. Barre Strong is an amazing total body barre workout you will sculpt every muscle in your body and boost your heart rate for the complete package in just 10 minutes. Pairing…