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  • GHU 013324

    Everyone wants lean, sculpted abs, but doing crunches over and over can get boring—not to mention it’s ineffective. If you want to create amazing abs, you need to mix up your core work and do a variety of moves that target different abdominal exercises. A great bodyweight exercise for sculpting lean abs is called sweeping… Read more »

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  • GHUTV 013322f_T9237u_c Side Lunges FREE

    Lunges are among the best bodyweight exercises around. Why? You can do them anywhere, at any time, no equipment required, and they’re an effective way to target the legs, glutes, and thighs. While traditional lunges are great, it can be fun to mix it up with other variations like side lunges, which help you target… Read more »

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  • GHUTV 013323f_T9238u_c Side Plank FREE

    You probably already know that planks are a great bodyweight exercise that can tone multiple muscle groups at once. But do you know there are other plank variations that work different muscles and can prevent you from reaching a fitness plateau where you get bored and stop seeing results? If you want to strengthen your… Read more »

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  • GHUTV 013321f_T9236u_c Proper Push Up FREE

    Push-ups are one of the best exercises you can do to gain upper body strength, and are also great for strengthening your abs since they require you to engage your core. In this quick video, Chris Freytag demonstrates how to do a push-up properly. Form is everything when it comes to push-ups, and if you’re… Read more »

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  • GHUTV 013320f_T9235u_c Overhead Shoulder Press FREE

    Want to build upper body strength and tone your biceps, shoulders, and back? One of the most effective exercises for doing so is the overhead shoulder press. Whether you’re a strength training newbie or just want to brush up on your form, watch this quick video as Chris Freytag demonstrates how to properly do an… Read more »

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  • GHUTV 013319f_T9234u_c Mountain Climbers FREE

    Some of the most effective exercises you can do utilize just your own bodyweight, and mountain climbers are no exception! Watch this short video to learn how to do mountain climbers in a few simple steps. It’s an amazing bodyweight-only move that gets your heart rate up and uses your entire body. It starts in… Read more »

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  • Stress Relief Yoga

    Relax your mind and body in this restorative yoga practice led by Jennifer Galardi. This Stress Relief Yoga practice is the perfect bookend to any day or add-on to any workout. This type of stress-relieving yoga practice helps to relax the nervous system, which is important for your overall health.

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  • GHUTV 013760f_T9264u_c Fruit Snacks are not Fruit FREE

    Many of us have fallen victim to the false advertisement of food companies, particularly when it comes to fruit snacks. Fruit snacks are not fruit! It sounds obvious, but many of us have been tricked into thinking they contain redeeming ingredients. However, most of these fruit snacks are simply laden with sugar and made with… Read more »

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  • How to Perform Forward Lunges

    Forward lunges are one of the most basic—but effective—bodyweight exercises for toning the legs, glutes, and thighs. While weighted strength training is great, sometimes the best exercises you can do utilize just your own body! Although lunges seem simple, proper form is the difference between seeing results and wasting your time. Watch as Chris Freytag… Read more »

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