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We love hearing from our Get Healthy U TV members about how they are staying fit, healthy, and motivated to work out. How has GHUTV helped you? Leave a comment or reach out and let us know! Your results may vary

“I love working out with Chris. She is so motivational and inspiring! I am 63 years old and want to stay moving and healthy for as long as I can. I especially love doing the kickboxing workouts. My least favorite exercise is all-out pushups though – I know they are great for upper body strength but I do have some lower back issues to consider. I do some but usually most with bent knees or wall pushups too. Thanks for being such a great inspiration to us all. You look fantastic, Chris!” – Nancy

“I so appreciate the Get Healthy U TV program. The calendars are so helpful! It gives me a schedule to follow that has nice variety and keeps exercise interesting and, dare I say, almost fun! (If you knew me, you’d know what a stretch that is for me!) Your instructions and demonstrations are clear and precise for maximum results and to help avoid injury. Thank you so much – YES I CAN!” – Leanne

“Chris Freytag’s positive, upbeat energy and dedication to DOING the workout along with me motivate me! She is a beautiful example of how fitness should be. Thank you Chris for being you!! Your workouts are part of my 50-pound weight loss maintenance plan!” – Lori
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Chris is my absolute favorite workout trainer! I love the huge variety in her routines – they are interesting, fun, and effective. Her direction is crystal clear and super easy to follow; most of all I love her presence and inspiring attitude.” – Zorica

“I work out via my tablet and I enjoy Chris’s encouragement! Since I’m not attending an actual class it’s easy to quit but I feel her positive motivation and it keeps me moving!” – Christine

“I have lost 26 pounds so far and my body is shaping up the way I always wished it could be and I am 54! Chris is positive and motivating!‬ I love how she counts things down and does the workout with us. Chris motivates me like no other trainer because she is real and not annoying. She challenges us without making us think about how difficult it really is. I love all of the low impact modifications.” – Penny
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“Working out with Chris Freytag is like exercising with your best friend! She’s real! Chris teaches great technique and form, and is motivating and encouraging. She makes you want it!” – Lynn

“The fact that Chris is 50 motivates me to keep working! Chris inspires us gals who are trying to feel good as we age. Chris is genuine, inspiring and great at instructing!” – Sandy

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“I have been following Chris for the past 18 months and have lost 40 pounds! Your advice and workouts motivate me and make it easy to keep on track. Yes I can!” – Dorothy
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“Chris’s programs are motivating – they have helped me lose 50 pounds after the birth of my third son. I love that I can take her workouts virtually anywhere – even at work without lugging around my DVD player.” – Saundra
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“I’ve lost 10lbs and still going strong. Chris has helped me make exercise easy in my daily routine!” – Becky
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“I love Chris’s positive attitude and that she says low impact doesn’t mean you aren’t getting a good workout. I feel stronger after doing her workouts.”‬ – Amy

“I love that Chris works out with us the whole time. And her positivity and encouragement get me through every workout!” – Beth

“Chris is a part of my regular workout rotation because she’s inspirational and keeps me going in a positive way.” – Cindy

“I love Chris’s month long calendars and the variety of exercises because she incorporate exercises I wouldn’t typically do at my gym on my own!” – Beth

“Love the “Yes, you can” when doing the exercise! Chris is a great motivator! I have lost 32 pounds and toned up, and I am 60 plus years young!” – Suz
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“Chris keeps it very doable. Always reminding us the importance of being strong both physically and emotionally to obtain our best quality of life no matter what our age.” – Renee

“Working out with Chris Freytag is like having a friend and trainer in your own home. She is motivating, encouraging, and knows how to make you sweat. She does every move with you and offers terrific variety and modifications.” – Lori

“Realistic workouts you can do at home. Chris has introduced me to new things I’ve never tried like HIIT training. Thanks for all you do!” – Kari

“My jeans are loser and my muscles are starting to show. Thanks for being so positive and clear with your instruction. I’ve become a “workout person” which is totally new in my life!” – Lynn

“I love Chris Freytag’s online workouts because with a full-time job and very long commute, they allow me to stay fit on my own schedule rather than trying to find time to go to a gym.” – Dorothy


“Thank you Chris Freytag for your positive attitude and drive to push further and be the best you can be!” – Candice

“Chris’s workouts are extremely do-able! They can be done at home or on the go and they yield great results! I love that exercises are split into specific areas to target so I can pick and choose exercises to get a full body workout without having to do the same routine repeatedly. Chris is a huge motivator and part of my regular routine!” – Jennifer

“Chris, you are a great motivator for me. I enjoy the wide range of exercises you provide targeting all muscle groups.” – Kalyani

“Chris has helped me transform my body after three kids!” – Jaclyn

“I love her positive attitude. Chris modifies the exercises so that anyone can do them no matter what level you are at. I have now gone from 260 to 210 and still going strong!” – SallyAnn
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“Chris is positive without being annoying! Her methods are believable AND achievable. Adding her workouts in has helped me add variety and keep it interesting.” – Audrey

“Chris is very inspiring and motivating and makes it easy – she encourage us all to start or to keep going when we don’t feel like it, and given that follow through and consistency is everything. That is a game changer!” – Jasna

“I love how Chris explains and demonstrates all the exercises along with me. I feel like I can do it with your encouragement!” – Karen

“Chris’s workouts are just what I need for at home on my own! I feel them and my muscles are getting more toned.” – Stacey

“I do all of Chris Freytag’s workouts and rotate them weekly. I love how helpful she is in explaining the workouts and I like that she isn’t ridiculous or fake – just encouraging by saying “yes you can!” Keep them coming.” – Christy


“I love and appreciate how well Chris explains and demonstrates each exercise. She also makes things seem attainable for me. You don’t preach, you teach!” – Kim

“Chris, you make workouts so easy and fun, and best of all no judgement! Thank you for being in my life, truly.” – Janet

“I enjoy how positive Chris Freytag is! I don’t feel overwhelmed or discouraged, just encouraged! Your approach is whole body.” – Dana

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“Three words: “yes you can.” Hearing those words when I am working out and sweating makes me think, she’s right – I can, I got this. The fact that Chris does the workout, sweating it out with us instead of walking around other people while they workout is a huge plus.” – Kate

“I LOVE working out virtually with Chris Freytag, I refer to her as my trainer even though I’ve never personally met her. Her motivating smile and “Yes You Can” attitude is contagious and it just makes you want to work harder and smarter!” – Barb


“I love the fact that I’m not held hostage to my DVD player! I’ve worked out with Chris for years. I’ve always felt like I was working out with a friend. Her encouraging words always keep me motivated to complete the workout!” – Lori

“You have helped me lose my baby weight! I really needed a good, sound, strength training program that didn’t defeat me mentally or physically. I am happy to say that baby fat is slowly burning away thanks to your workouts and support online. Thank you! Keep up the good work!” – Lisa
(Your results may vary)

“I love how your workouts are easy to do at home! They provide a healthy challenge for any fitness level!” – Alicia

“You are tough and you push me but you are not annoying like some others. I am motivated by your muscular frame because that is what I am trying to achieve.” – Julie

“I’ve been working out with Chris for four years and she is real! She tells you what it takes to achieve and maintain your health and fitness goals (no gimmicks, no false promises). Her workouts offer variety with modifications so virtually all people can work out along with her. Chris guides you through the workout, informing you what to expect, demonstrating the exercises in a supportive and energetic way. If you work out with Chris Freytag, you genuinely feel as though she wants you to succeed in attaining your goals (body, mind, and soul)!” – Gale