GHUTV LIVE! March 2016

Thanks for tuning in to March’s GHUTV LIVE Q&A session with Chris Freytag where she answered your health and fitness questions live on air! In case you missed it, you can watch the full video here. Stay tuned for next month’s session! See you then!

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50 Responses to “GHUTV LIVE! March 2016”

  1. ice queen

    I have being exercise for a month now to reduce belly fat I don’t see no changes

  2. Charlotte D

    Thank You! I enjoyed the conversations! I will be 60in May! I have been instructing/training for 36yrs April 7! (1980) it has been a crazy fun 36yrs in the fitness profession… have seen things come & go & back again… the people who have crossed in my chapters in my book of life has been a teaching & learning .. & Blessings! again, thank you, xoxo

  3. Lucy

    I am interested in exercises for 75 year old that doesn’t like the floor, 5.4″ 180lbs. heavest I’ve ever been.

  4. Christine

    The audio keeps going in and out. Will this broadcast be out on video for later?

  5. Tammy

    Hi Chris – you mention you eat alot of greek yogurt. Is it not recommended to eat the flavored greek yogurts? If you should only do plain – how do you liven up the flavor?

  6. Kathy

    On the topic of grab and go there a granola or protein bar that you recommend?

  7. Suzanne

    Chris, do you use PB2. I am afraid to use regular peanut butter and almond butter

  8. Lisa

    Is unsweetened almond milk better for you than skim milk? I’ve read that it is not because of the additives it has and because it has less calcium and protein than regular milk. Wondering which is healthier to drink?

  9. Lindsay Bullinger

    I thought you weren’t supposed to do weights on consecutive days?

  10. Margot

    I am doing yoga teacher training.. I am a yoga fanatic now.. I go to vinyasa 6 times a week. I have been doing this for two years. My son says I’m not doing enough. Is yoga enough?

  11. Laura Biundo

    Would love to hear more about protein powders, are there any better choices out there?

  12. Katherine

    I am 42 and have a good bit of weight to lose (at least 30 lbs). I have been doing a lot of cardio and weight lifting for the last 8 weeks. I haven’t lost much weight but my body has definitely changed, I am feeling very discouraged. I know my diet needs improvement but I am really thinking I need serious calorie restriction at my age to see any weight loss. I know they say you shouldn’t starve yourself but this is by far the hardest time I have ever had losing weight so I am thinking about 1000 calories a day to see if the scale will move. Thanks for all you do!!

  13. Christine

    I find your videos wonderful for getting motivated. Thanks so much for the info that you send daily.

  14. Jean Kronzer

    What are some good exercises for a prolapsed uterus. My doctor told me not to jump, run or lift heavy weights……..

  15. Lynn Johnson

    Chris – I also have another question. I walk/jog weekly and the past 2 weeks, my lower right calf between my upper back of the ankle and maybe the bottom of my calf is super sore. Especially going down steps. Now I am constantly trying to stretch it out & it has started popping like when you crack your knuckles. Very Weird. Any ideas?

  16. Geri

    I’m in my late 50’s and training for a 1/2 marathon for the 1st time. Any suggestions on what I should eat before my run and after.

  17. Paula

    This has probably been asked so many times, but what’s your best advice to lose ten pounds?!

  18. Lynn Johnson

    I am trying to lose the belly bloat, I am doing 30 Days of Abs, and I am trying not to eat bread or sandwiches so much. I know you can use lettuce leaves, but I am looking for other substitutes for breads that don’t have Wheat Gluten in them. I was surprised yesterday that the Pita Breads, Sandwich Thins & healthier style breads have it added. Thanks for any advice.

  19. Tammy

    How do you feed yourself and your family when your family isn’t buying into the clean eating routine? I would do great if I were single and cooking for myself, but I feel guilty if I don’t make dinner for my family that isn’t totally unhealthy, but just isn’t all around clean eating as I’d like. I still make some boxed foods for convenience sake. Is that horrible?

  20. Alison

    Is it possible to consume too much protein? Thanks for all you do! Love your sites!

  21. amber loehlein

    Best sports bra for higher impact activity for bigger busted girls. My girls got loose in a class the other day… A good problem since I am losing but still a problem!

  22. Debbie

    You are so motivating! I have literally enjoyed your workouts for the past 6 years and am really enjoying being a member of Get Healthy U!! Debbie Macri

  23. Audra

    What are BCAA’s? Pre workout supplements? Should I be using them to get leaner and have more energy during my workout?

  24. Kim Kage

    2 Subjects – 1st, since lack of sleep can attribute to weight gain and a person is getting only 4-5 hours of sleep due to personal issues, menopause, insomnia, etc., is it better to: A) try and and push through the workouts even though you’re exhausted or B) try to get a nap in then workout and hope you fall asleep at night or C) try to go to bed earlier and get the sleep patterns on track then start adding workouts back in? 2nd – have you ever shared a day in the life of Chris’ nutrition with sharing all food and drink, including when/why you might eat or drink a certain thing(s)? Keep inspiring and helping people change lives no matter what level they are!!

  25. Jenni Bergman

    I have nerve damage in my feet from a low back injury and my ankles are extremely weak. Are there any good lower body strength exercises that don’t require balance? Lunges are particularly difficult…. Thanks!

  26. Colleen

    I’m a 54 year old woman. Typically had a good shape until I started my change of life…so now I have this stomach…. Belly fat… That i never used to have. Is it true that my body is trying to hang on or create estrogen through the belly fat? Any tips…or I should I accept this transition. It’s not huge but….things don’t fit like they used to!

  27. Chantelle

    When you workout a body part with weights some say you should wait two days before you workout that body part again. So when you are doing body weight exercises like push-ups, plank, air squats and or lunges, can you do exercise like that everyday or best to have the two day wait in between? Thanks, Chantelle

  28. Yvonne Bassett

    How to maintain a regular exercise program to lose weight with Rheumatoid Arthrits

  29. Mitra

    I am dealing with severe low back, hip pain and neck pain. I’ve been to physical therapy and done everything. At my last MRI i was told that i have arthritis in my back and neck. I wake up with severe pain many times during the night. What would be the best workout for my pain? I try to walk everyday especially now that the weather is nicer and usually do about 3-4 miles at a fast pace. Used to do more miles, but not the best idea for my back. Also do some strength classes at lifetime. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you in advance.

  30. Alicia Lemus

    I am interested in clearing my skin, increasing my energy and being more focused

  31. Shawn

    I love weight lifting but recently found out i have a brain aneurysm. Heavy weights are discourage. Are body weight exercises as effective? I got great lower body results doing beach body PIYO but never felt like I got the same upper body results as I get using weights. any insight would be appreciated.

  32. Anna Sabas

    For next 2 months, I am vegan.. I have been doing ok, but I know I need more protein.

  33. Christine

    I’m looking to loose those last 10 pounds…which of your programs HIIT, definitions etc is the most effective in getting off that weight the quickest?? :)

  34. Suzy

    I’m a out of shape 50 year old … Want to get in shape but I have bad fibromyalgia. A couple of months ago I thought I would start with a simple plank. I got up to 40 seconds and I did this for a month with a day off a week, but I stopped because the pain was unbearable… now I’m afraid to do anything else. Suggestions? Suzy

  35. Sue

    Here’s my question: Since hitting my mid 50s jogging/fast walking really leaves my hips aching; plus I hate cardio machines anyway so I tend to only do weights. What is a good moderate speed to set treadmill on? I can do 3.5 w/o any aches afterwards but is that enough? Thanks

  36. deanna

    Hi Chris
    Just wondering what is better protein powder to take, whey or soy based? Someone mentioned taking soy protein powder can be harmful is that true? Thank you

  37. Brenda

    Hey Chris. I am 55 years old. I only need to lose 12 pounds. I’ve been working out at a 30 min kickboxing club since January 2-3 times a week. I walk 2 times a week for 30 mins. I’ve been eating clean for almost three weeks. I realized I wasn’t eating enough calories three weeks ago so now I’m eating around 1700 calories a day. I have lost zero fat and actually lost a little muscle too. Do I just give myself more time? I’m feeling pretty discouraged. I’m eating around 130g protein a day. How many carbs should I be eating?

  38. Angela Frey

    Hi Chris,
    We are coming into Marathon Training season and I have a few questions for you. I have been a distance runner for about 10 years now. I do free weights and yoga. I have had some injuries the past 2 years and I don’t understand why. Leg pain and feet pain/hurt. I am struggling with finding the right tennis shoes and specifically where to go. I have purchased MANY at Fun and Run in St Paul, MN and the last time I went in there I was not happy with service and don’t feel like they helped me in trying to find a pair that works. I bought the power step inserts which I have been using this week and they have helped but now soreness in left foot by big toe.

    What are the BEST exercises to do when training for a marathon to prevent injury and help endurance? Ex. weights, squats, lunges, core and how often?
    I have gone in and had my gate tested on a treadmill but this was years ago. Should I do it again hoping it will get me in the right shoe? Where do you recommend going in the Twin Cities?

    I also do Yoga Sculpt and have had issues with my right wrist lately. I don’t think I have READ or HEARD from anyone on “how do you actually grip a free weight” to protect wrists so discussion/tips would be helpful.

    I am going to the event in Mpls with a group of girlfriends on Saturday, April 23rd. I will see you then!