How to Stream Workouts on Your TV

How to stream to your TV Do you want to lose weight, feel like a million bucks, and save on a gym membership? Join Get Healthy U TV and get unlimited access to our best workout videos in the convenience of your home! Sign up today! Viewing the workouts on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop is pretty self-explanatory. All you need is a good internet connection. But getting the workouts onto your big-screen TV at home requires a little more know-how. Many of you have asked for assistance on how to stream us on your TVs, so we’ve put together a few tutorials on how to use the connection options compatible with GHUTV.  

Click below for more information on the streaming method of your choice:

  Stream using Amazon Fire TV Stream using Apple TV Stream using Google Chromecast Stream using Roku Stream using an HDMI cable Need a streaming device? Click here: Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Roku, HDMI Cable.

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310 Responses to “How to Stream Workouts on Your TV”

  1. Aisha

    Want to learn more

  2. Kasey Pomeroy

    how do you do this with a smart tv>?

  3. Lesley May

    How do you stream to a LG smart TV? I do not see the app when I search. Thanks!

  4. Judith Brown

    I'm trying to watch this on my Toshiba smart TV. But I can't find it I've been trying since January since I paid what can I do

  5. JULIE

    How do I see this on my Samsung smart tv

  6. Josie Mitchell


  7. KATHY

    smart tv

  8. Marla Fulton

    Get Healthy U TV is not a searchable channel on Roku….has anyone else seen this?

  9. Marcia Phillips

    I just downloaded my first video 10 min yoga on my phone app. I can open it but it doesn't play. What do I do?

  10. Judy

    Hope it works.