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How to Perform 10 Beginner Bodyweight Moves with Proper Form

Getting started with working out at home? It can be intimidating to know exactly what to do. You want to make sure you’re working out with proper form to avoid injury and maximize your muscle gain. That’s why it’s important to start simple! After all, there’s nothing wrong with “the basics”. The bodyweight workouts below are the foundation for a great fitness routine and mastering them will help your reach your goals in no time! Let’s get started!

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GHUTV Success Story: Jazmín

GHUTV has kept me motivated through this journey! I don’t feel alone – the private Facebook Group is amazing and helps me to share whatever happening in my life in a secure way. It’s excited to know that every Monday I’ll get a new LIVE workout just like belonging to a gym. I’m glad to have the chance to practice yoga, HIIT, cardio, pilates, circuits, and step!

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GHUTV Success Story: Angie

GHUTV has kept me motivated in more ways than one. I absolutely love the instructors. You can tell each of you, loves to get up every morning to teach others about a healthier lifestyle. I can see the joy on your faces. I also, appreciate how real you are. I love when the instructors say “I’m not perfect” and you give yourself and others grace to learn by doing.

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GHUTV Success Story: Maggie

GHUTV is an inspirational and judgment-free community with healthy, easy-to-make recipes and exciting workouts that allow me to improve my body both physically and emotionally. I love the variety of the workouts I can do in the comfort of my own living room! The constant support from the GHUTV trainers and other members on the GHUTV Facebook group allows me to share my progress and readily receive advice that help keep me on track and hold me accountable to achieve my fitness goals.

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