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Video Download: Ballet Body Stretch

You’ve just worked so hard to tone and tighten your muscles with your Ballet Body workouts; now it’s time to elongate those muscles and relax your body with this ballet stretch routine. Jennifer will guide you through the entire routine, helping you find the proper form for each stretch so you get the most benefit, lengthening your muscles and melting into each pose to find a renewed sense of calm. This is your time to release tension from your body.

You’ll start with forward folds, breathing into this stretch to open up your back—an area that can get sore or overworked for most people. Next you’ll move to modified pigeon, which is a fantastic hip opener—and a much needed move after all the leg work you’ve just done! Jennifer will encourage you to relax into each stretch as you inhale and exhale with serenity. You’ll perform different series of stretches, folds, and twists that help to release tension from all over your body. Moves like spinal twists will help stretch the spine and bring your body better into alignment.

After a workout it’s very important to give your body a nice stretch, releasing the tension and elongating those muscles. Flexibility is an essential component to fitness, as it helps you perform nearly every movement. Using a combination of yoga poses and other stretches, this ballet stretch routine is the perfect bookend to nearly any workout, but especially the Ballet Body workouts.

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