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Ballroom Basics: Cha-Cha Dancing 1 Video Download




Video Download: Ballroom Basics: Cha-Cha Dancing 1

Get up off your feet and get ready to try some ballroom cha cha dancing with Allison Holker. Known for her appearance on So You Think You Can Dance and married to the well-known Steven Twitch Boss, Allison is an amazing dancer and teacher. This Cha Cha Dancing 1 is full of spicy feet, spicy arms, and all around spicy choreography that is fun and energized!

Whether you are a dancer at heart or just a beginner, Allison breaks it down to help you learn. Her fabulous smile and kind demeanor make it fun to learn even if you are new to ballroom dance. Cha Cha dancing 1 is a dance lesson and workout all rolled into one! You learn each dance step piece by piece and before you know it you are in an all-out cha cha choreography that you can keep at home or take it with you to the next time you go out and impress your friends!

What we love about these ballroom dancing videos is your chance to completely let go and have an amazing time moving your body. Dancing at home gives you the freedom to let go of judgement and just enjoy. You can do it alone and laugh at yourself or get together with a partner or friend and learn to dance together!

This Cha Cha Dancing teaches you how to dance but also raises your heart rate and by the time you know it, you are getting a killer workout. Taking one step at a time Allison shows you the simplicity of each step and how to focus the cha cha on your hips. Once you start adding the simple steps together you might just find that dancing is easier than it looks. So come to Cha Cha Dancing 1 and have a blast while you work out!

Video Run Time: 29 minutes

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