Cardio Kickboxing 3-DVD Set


Item: T9056R


3-DVD Set: Cardio Kickboxing

8 Different Workouts, 3 Discs
Total Video Run Time: 5 hours, 25 minutes

Looking for a new and fun workout to switch up your fitness routine? This exciting program combines strength and cardio to give you a full body workout that will get your feet moving and your heart pumping.

Kickboxing can help with any focus area you are looking for to help gain lean muscle and lose fat with simple and effective boxing moves that anyone can do! Improve your confidence, energy, and mood with this fast-paced program.

Workouts included are:

– Jab Punch Crunch HIIT Workout (36 min)
– Jab Punch Crunch Burner Workout (23 min)
– Jab Punch Crunch Core Workout (22 min)
– Kickboxing Strength 1 (51 min)
– Kickboxing HIIT (50 min)
– Pyramid Power Kickboxing (46 min)
– Barre Boxing 1 (50 min)
– Barre Boxing 2 (47 min)

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