Fit Over 40: Calendar Program


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6-DVD Set: Fit Over 40 Calendar Program

23 Different Workouts, PLUS a printed Calendar

If you’re ready to build strength and challenge your cardio, all while staying lower impact on your joints, then our Fit Over 40 Calendar Program is a perfect match for you.

This 28-day calendar program is filled with workouts for women over 40 or any woman who wants to maintain a strong level of fitness without straining and pounding on the joints. We know as you age, often your fitness routine changes with you. We believe you are strong, capable and motivated but let’s face it … we need to listen to our bodies and sometimes lower impact is just what we need.

Watch a video preview of this program:

Follow along as our calendar guides you through some of our favorite LIFT (Low Impact Functional Training) Workouts paired with some of our other favorite strength workouts to help women over 40 increase their overall strength, improve cardiovascular health, and have a little fun while working out! Some of these workouts do get intense so modifying to meet your fitness level is par for the course and what we expect!

This program will lead you through a variety of workouts from Low Impact Cardio and Core to Total Body Strength! While there are many cardio and strength workouts this month, we are also bringing a few different and “fun” styled workouts to you! Do you like Kickboxing? Kettlebell-inspired movements? Always wanted to dance but not outside of the comfort of your own home? We have you covered!

From low impact training, cardio kickboxing, walking workouts, yoga, and strength workouts, this Fit Over 40 Calendar Program is meant for you! Lead by our wonderful trainers, they will guide you along every step of the way, giving you their expertise and modifications throughout every workout! Whether your goal is to lose weight, tone up, or just feel your best, this calendar will help you create a better, healthier you!

Total video run time: 14 hours, 57 minutes

Workouts included are:

  • GOLD Workout: Kettlebell Circuits (34 min)
  • LIFT: Low Impact Cardio & Core Workout (34 min)
  • GOLD Workout: Kickboxing HIIT (50 min)
  • GOLD Workout: Flow & Yin (39 min)
  • GOLD Workout: Barre Strength (48 min)
  • LIFT: Low Impact Upper Body Workout (33 min)
  • GOLD Workout: Buns N’ Abs (48 min)
  • GOLD Workout: Cardio Kickboxing 3 (34 min)
  • GOLD Workout: Dance Jam 1 (32 min)
  • GOLD Workout: Supersetting 1 (48 min)
  • Fat Burning Cardio Walking (20 min)
  • Serious Strength: Total Body (34 min)
  • Core Conditioning (36 min)
  • GOLD Workout: Total Body Strength (37 min)
  • LIFT: Pilates Yoga Fusion (35 min)
  • GOLD Workout: Beginner Interval Walking (33 min)
  • GOLD Workout: Lengthen and Strengthen 1 (45 min)
  • GOLD Workout: Cardio Kickboxing 2 (48 min)
  • GOLD Workout: Dance Jam 2 (48 min)
  • Serious Strength: Upper Body (30 min)
  • Serious Strength: Lower Body (30 min)
  • GOLD Workout: Vinyasa Flow Yoga 1 (54 min)
  • GOLD Workout: Low Impact Fusion (47 min)

All exercises you perform are your own responsibility and you perform them at your own risk. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider before starting any physical exercise, fitness or wellness regiment.