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GOLD Workout: HIIT Body Blast 2 Video Download


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Video Download: GOLD Workout: HIIT Body Blast 2

If you liked HIIT Body Blast 1, you’ll love HIIT Body Blast 2! It’s 45-Minute high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout done tabata-style using just your bodyweight. That means you’ll perform 20 seconds of intense work, followed by 10 seconds of rest on repeat. We call this a Body Blast because that’s truly what it is — we’ll blast through every body part from head-to-toe with strength and cardio intervals. This workout focuses on short, intense bursts of work and is a true calorie-burner. All levels of fitness are welcome as there’s no-equipment and you can take each bodyweight exercise at your own pace.

Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Equipment: Mat, bodyweight
Instructor: Lindsey Bomgren