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GOLD Workout: Pure Strength Video Download


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Video Download: GOLD Workout: Pure Strength

Jodi Sussner will lead us through an amazing Pure Strength workout. This 45-minute head-to-toe strength workout will be just that – ALL STRENGTH! Have two sets of dumbbells available – one lighter and one heavier.

Get ready to move from exercise to exercise without rest; no muscle group will be left untouched. Your heart rate will get elevated from constant movement, but this workout will be muscle focused. Strength is the secret to metabolism, and muscle looks and feels good – so join in on this effective workout. All fitness levels welcome. You can stay with the lighter weights the whole time and modifications will be given. But if you are ready to bring it, grab your heavy weights.

Level: Intermediate, Advanced
Equipment: 2 sets of dumbbells
Instructor: Jodi Sussner