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LIVE STREAM: GHUTV Fitness Weekend 2.0


You Save 25%



Registration fee includes:

  • 4 fitness classes, including: Kickboxing + Strength Circuits, Yoga Sculpt + Core, Flow Yoga + Pilates, and Low Impact HIIT + Barre
  • 4 workshops on fitness, nutrition, and positive mindset
  • 4 exclusive GHUTV downloadable tools
  • 2 bonus sessions
  • The WARMUP Meeting – The night-before Kick-off
  • The COOL DOWN Fireside Chat – The post-show Q+A
  • Fab Fitness Giveaways
  • Multiple opportunities to join the conversation and ask questions in real-time with Chris, trainers, and the GHUTV community via the chat!
  • 60 days of full access to all content and downloads following the live event

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The HIIT Program: What’s It All About?

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Motivation: Move to Lose

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