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Video Download: Yoga Flowetry Workout

Yoga Flowetry is a calming and invigorating yoga practice all at the same time. Combining the strength of vinyasa-style yoga with the fluidity and rhythm of dance, this 60 minute yoga flow video gives you a solid workout that also brings about a deeper sense of inner peace.

Your instructor, Jennifer Galardi, will help you move fluidly through each posture, linking it to the rhythm of your breath. This yoga flow video starts with a warm up that will get you prepared to move gracefully through each pose, including plié squats and other movements that open up the hips, spine, and full body. Then, it’s onto your first series.

Jennifer will lead you through chair series, helping you with the proper alignment as she guides you through each posture, flowing between each move. This series will incorporate relevés and prayer twists to build warmth in the body and give your side body a nice stretch. You’ll then move from plank into cobra before flowing into child’s pose and downward dog.

Next, in this yoga flow video is the lunge series, starting with slow and controlled movements that transition from low to high lunges. These moves help to sculpt your lower body and engage core strength as you continue to build heat and strength in the body. After lunges you’ll transition into a core series. Jennifer will show you how to engage your abdominals for fluid movements between planks and downward dog pose that strengthen the core and define the abs.

You’ll then flow into Warrior series and other yoga series that are designed to work different parts of your body. In this yoga flow video, you’ll transition gently from pose-to-pose while building strength and moving to the rhythm of your own breath.

Equipment needed: None

All exercises you perform are your own responsibility and you perform them at your own risk. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider before starting any physical exercise, fitness or wellness regiments of any kind.