Chris Freytag

10 Minute Medicine Ball Circuit

Chris Freytag
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Duration:   11  mins

If you have 10 minutes, you have time to burn some calories in this quick medicine ball circuit workout. All you’ll need is a weighted medicine ball and a little space. You can use an 8, 6, or 4 pound medicine ball, or you can also use a basketball if you don’t have a medicine ball on hand. Since circuit workouts mean to string exercises together with no rest in between, that’s exactly what we’ll do here. You’ll perform four exercises for thirty seconds each, and then rest for 45 seconds to a minute afterwards. Then, you’ll go through that whole circuit three times, taking a little over 10 minutes. Ready to go?

Watch Chris as she demonstrates each move in this medicine ball circuit workout, starting with a quick warm up to wake up the joints and muscles. Your first exercise is medicine ball body slams. You’ll slam the ball to the ground using your back muscles and core, trying not to pause or hesitate between slams. Your second move is a forward lunge with the medicine ball. Your chest, shoulders, legs and glutes will all be activated during this exercise. The third move will be push-ups, using one hand on the ball at a time and then switching hands after each push-up. You’ll feel this move not only in your upper body but also your core! The fourth and final move will be burpees on the ball, requiring a little extra balance.

After running through all four moves you’ll take a quick break before doing the cycle again and then one last time. The whole medicine ball circuit workout will take around 10 minutes and you’ll have worked all the major muscle groups and burned calories at the same time. If you want more medicine ball workouts, be sure to check out our total body medicine workout and our GOLD Member exclusive medicine ball circuit workout!

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One Response to “10 Minute Medicine Ball Circuit”

  1. LISA

    First time doing this and I did it with a 10 lb medicine ball..sweaty oh yes u can get a good workout in 10 mins what will I do now on this sat august 4th 2018

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