Chris Freytag

10-Minute Weighted Abs

Chris Freytag
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Duration:   13  mins

Join Trainer Chris Freytag and get ready to work your core! Fire up your abs and back muscles as you go through a series of exercises using either one or two dumbbells. You’ll be nonstop moving during this workout, doing about one minute of work for each exercise and then continuing on. You’ll start standing and move to the mat. Throw in a few planks and roll-up movements, and before you know it, you’ll be done. Chris has you using your core muscles in all directions and planes of motion.

Core strength is so important for daily activities, posture, and balance as we age. Tack this weighted abs workout onto the end of any other cardio or strength workout or use it as a standalone when short on time.

If you are looking for other ab-focused workouts, try our 10-Minute 6 Pack Abs workout or add on a little extra cardio with some core with this Cardio + Core workout!

Level: All Levels
Equipment: Medium dumbbells, mat
Instructor: Chris Freytag

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