Chris Freytag

Army Crawl Plank

Chris Freytag
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Duration:   1 mins

Ready for a total body exercise that works multiple muscle groups at once and requires zero equipment? Try an army crawl plank! If you know how to do a basic plank, you’re halfway there. An army crawl plank is a bodyweight exercise that will work your core, arms, and chest at the same time, helping you sculpt beautiful muscles and firm up head to toe. Watch this quick video as Chris Freytag demonstrates an army crawl plank, plus modifications if you need to work your way up to the full exercise.

First, come into a full plank position with your shoulders tracking over your wrists. (If you need a refresher on how to do a proper plank, click here.) Come onto your toes and keep your spine nice and long. Come down onto one elbow, then lower onto the other elbow as well, then up one at a time. Chris will show you how you can also put your knees down as a modification for this move. The whole time you perform an army crawl plank, keep your abs nice and engaged and your hips and shoulders facing the floor. This move is great for strengthening your core and your upper body. Trust us, you’ll be feeling this awesome total-body exercise in both your abs and your arms afterwards!

Bodyweight exercises are some of the best moves around to lose weight and tone up. They require zero equipment so you can do them anytime, anywhere, and are often actually more challenging than weighted exercises. Planks are a fun bodyweight exercise that offer tons of variations so your muscles never get bored. Once you’ve mastered the army crawl plank, give these other plank variations a try. You’ll build strength, tone up, and feel amazing!

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