Chris Freytag

Chair Program - Chair Conditioning

Chris Freytag
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Duration:   25  mins

Welcome to our Chair Conditioning Workout! This chair conditioning workout includes all parts of fitness including getting stronger, improving your cardio and strengthening your core. It’s the whole picture of fitness! This workout is great for beginners who are just getting started or those new to exercise. It’s also great for those who have fallen out of fitness for a long time and are motivated to get started again. Perhaps you are a senior or a young fit person wearing a boot due to any injury. No matter what the circumstances, this is a great workout for you! Chair exercises are a great way to stay fit and strong! Exercises on the floor or on a ball or in a chair are excellent choices! Not only that but you can even partner up with a friend with one of you in the chair and one of you standing. Chris will show you the whole workout seated in a chair and Sam will do everything standing!

During this chair conditioning workout you will be challenged to move at your own pace. Go faster if you need to or slow it down if it moves too quickly. Our chair conditioning workout starts with some cardio moves to get your heart rate going and make you breath heavy. Then you will pick up your weights and strengthen your muscles for a set. After that it is back to cardio and then back to strength again. By the time the workout is finished you will cover all your major muscles, burn some fat and have a nice strong core! This awesome circuit-style format keeps your brain busy moving from one thing to another which makes the whole workout go fast! Not only that, you get everything done in one workout: cardio, strength AND core! Fantastic! One great thing you learn in this chair workout is that you can work hard doing everything low impact! In fact, our Low Impact AMRAPS class is another great example of that! Give is a try!

Level: Beginner
Equipment: Light to Medium Dumbbells, Chair
Instructor: Chris Freytag

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