Chris Freytag

How to Perform a Double Leg Stretch

Chris Freytag
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Duration:   1  mins

Want a new way to work your abs without doing crunches? Try this Pilates-inspired move: the double leg stretch. In this short video, Chris Freytag will demonstrate how to perform a double leg stretch to work your abdominals and create core strength. This move can be done anywhere, at anytime, using just your own body weight and a little space. Ready to give it a try?

To perform a double leg stretch, start by lying on the ground and slightly pulling in your low abs as you press your low back to the ground. Lift your feet up to a tabletop position and lengthen through the back of the neck. Bring your belly to the spine, making sure your shoulder blades are off the mat. Inhale as you extend all your limbs out. Take note that the lower your legs and arms are, the more work it will be for your core. Next, exhale as you swing your arms around to meet your legs in that tabletop position, and repeat for as many times as you like.

If you want to modify the double leg stretch, you can put your feet down to the ground for the whole time and just try the exercise lifting yourself up with your core and arms. You can also modify by bringing your legs a little higher throughout the exercise because remember, the lower your legs are to the ground (once they’re off it) the more work it will be on your core. This is a great Pilates exercise to practice to increase your core strength and sculpt a lean, toned stomach. Pilates is all about strengthening and stabilizing the core, which improves your performance for nearly every other movement you do and helps prevent back injury. If you want to try more Pilates moves, try this 10-minute pilates workout!

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