Chris Freytag

Exercises to Strengthen Back Muscles

Chris Freytag
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Duration:   2  mins

Looking to strengthen your low back? Watch this short video as Chris Freytag demonstrates four exercises to strengthen back muscles that you might not have tried before. They require zero equipment—just a little space and a soft surface. These four exercises to strengthen back muscles not only help you sculpt a lean physique, but also aid in back pain or back injury prevention, too With back pain being such a common problem as we age, it’s important to keep strengthening your back with exercises like these!

You’ll start with mid-back extensions. Come down flat onto the floor or mat and relax your shoulders away from your ears. Have your nose point straight down at the floor; lift your shoulder blades up off the mat as far as you can and then back down. Your low-back extensors have to really kick in for this move! The second back strengthening exercise is called a dolphin dive. Come onto your forearms and toes for this move. Pull forward so your chin comes slightly in front of your thumbs and then push up; you’re moving at the hip flexors, keeping your abdominals engaged and your spine nice and long.

The third exercise is a forearm plank hold. Come into a plank position and engage your abdominals, holding this challenging pose for a minute. The last of the exercises to strengthen back muscles is a reverse tabletop plank. Have your heels line up with your glutes as you lift up with your lower body and release your head, neck, and shoulders before pressing up into a tabletop position. These are all great moves to strengthen your low back and sculpt a leaner physique. If you practice these exercises for a strong low-back you’ll be creating a stronger body and keeping back pain at bay. You can also try these yoga poses for back relief while you’re at it!

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