Tara Putz

GOLD Low Impact Endurance Cardio 1

Tara Putz
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Duration:   32  mins

Join us for this Get Healthy U TV workout, exclusive to those with GOLD membership! Get ready for no-jumping, full-body movements to help burn calories and build energy! Trainer Tara Putz will lead you through this “feel awesome” workout featuring low-impact, steady cardio! This workout is designed to get your heart rate elevated into your “comfortably hard zone,” but won’t get you completely out of breath. This is steady state cardio, not HIIT, so you’ll get consistent cardio like being out for a jog or a power walk. Tara will lead you through basic body movements and calisthenics in this workout that’s all about endurance and having fun! It should be performed at a rate that suits you and you can enjoy, so slow down if you need to, but keep going!

Level: All Levels
Equipment: None
Instructor: Tara Putz

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9 Responses to “GOLD Low Impact Endurance Cardio 1”


    This was a great, sweaty workout! Love the format.


    Easy on the knees but got my heart pumping and legs moving. This is my new favorite workout.

  3. Tara

    really enjoyed this new format. time flew by- liked the 5 moves, do again and move on. thank you!


    I really enjoyed this new format and it was breathing hard :)

  5. JOAN

    Love the format

  6. LISA

    Just saw this morning and tried it. Loved it. Thanks Tara & Shannon

  7. Debra

    I Loved this workout! As an active 67 year old this was perfect. I did a little modification but that was easy enoigh to do. Would love to see more please!! Thank you Tara and Shannon!!

  8. Heather

    Enjoyed this, good variety.

  9. Jill

    Love this. Thank you

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