Chris Freytag

Indoor Interval Walking Workout

Chris Freytag
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Duration:   20  mins

Love to walk but looking for a little boost in your workout? Interval walking might be just the solution for you! This fun indoor interval walking workout features low impact moves that will get your heart pumping while burning tons of calories. No equipment needed! Join trainers Chris Freytag, Jodi Sussner and Lindsay Bomgren for this fantastic and fun indoor interval walking workout. Designed with everyone in mind, this is definitely going to fill the needs of all levels of fitness! With both low impact and high impact options along with the interval pushes, you are going to get some serious work done in 20 minutes! If you love it you should also definitely try our Walk and Tone program for more indoor walking ideas!

During this interval walking workout you’ll start with a basic warm-up then toggle between one-minute moderate intensity moves and 30 seconds of harder, faster movement. Chris and Jodi will lead you through those challenging intervals while Lindsay provides the low impact and modified versions for anyone that needs them. It’s completely different than steady-state workout such as a long walk. You are going to get that heart rate up! Not quite ready for the whole thing? No problem! You can certainly try half the intervals with Chris and Jodi and stick with Lindsay for the other half. Or even try just a few. Keep following Lindsay to stay more basic and more low impact.

This workout is based on an indoor walking-style workout, but you’ll be doing more than just walking. Heel digs, out-out-in-in, and skipping are just a few of the different varieties of moves that will keep things fun and interesting! And yet you can stay right in your living room and work up a great sweat. Try it a few days a week and then sprinkle in our Walk and Strength workout for some great changes to your muscles. And don’t forget to stretch at the end. Check out the article 8 Essential Stretches for Walkers. Happy walking everyone!

Level: Beginner
Equipment: Bodyweight
Instructor: Chris Freytag

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