Chris Freytag

Mountain Climbers

Chris Freytag
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Duration:   1 mins

Some of the most effective exercises you can do utilize just your own bodyweight, and mountain climbers are no exception! Watch this short video to learn how to do mountain climbers in a few simple steps. It’s an amazing bodyweight-only move that gets your heart rate up and uses your entire body. It starts in plank position, which is known to be a great way to engage your core, as well as build upper body strength. By incorporating your legs with the mountain climber movement, you work pretty much every muscle group, no equipment required!

Ready to start those mountain climbers? Chris Freytag will show you how. To start, come down with your shoulders over your wrists into a plank position, keeping your abs nice and tight. Draw one knee in towards your chest, scoop out your abdominals, and then switch legs, pulling the other knee in towards your chest. Pick up the pace and really focus on driving your knees in towards your chest. A nice visualization to think of to help you with form is to pretend you have your hands on the back bumper of your car and you’re pushing it to the side of the road. Do as many repetitions as you want, and don’t forget to breathe!

Add mountain climbers to your weekly workout routine and you’ll sculpt your abs, build upper body strength, and tone your legs all at once. It’s truly a multi-tasking movement that not only gives you a cardio workout, but helps to build strength at the same time. Mountain climbers are just one of many kick-butt bodyweight exercises that can give you a total body workout without any equipment. Do this exercise regularly and you’ll start to see serious results!

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