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Kate Laing
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Duration:   33  mins

Make your core stronger and your back healthier with this 30-minute pilates mat workout. Pilates has long been known for many things including increased core strength, improved flexibility, and balanced muscular strength in your body.

This 30-minute pilates mat workout gives you all of that and so much more! By simply adding the use of a small hand towel, you will feel an increase in mobility, endurance, and strength, plus a nice tight tummy!

Join pilates instructor Kate Lang as she guides you through this amazing practice. Her kind demeanor and knowledge of the body will give you the confidence you need to do this properly. Trainers JC and Sheila join in and provide any modifications you might need for each move. The exercises provided are approachable yet challenging. Each one starts small and finishes with a fiery intensity.

For this practice, you will need a mat and a small hand towel. It works best if you are not on carpet because the towel needs to slide back and forth on the floor. Most of the movement is going to be done seated or on your belly. Each exercise is small and subtle, but each one packs a big punch when it comes to the strength you feel in your abdomen.

Kate will remind you to pay attention to your body and how you feel as you practice. A burn is okay, a little fire is good, but pain is not! If you feel your hip flexors tighten or your neck hurt, put your feet down or lay your head back. There is no shame in the modify game! The beauty of this practice is the way it sneaks up on you. This 30-minute pilates mat workout eases you in, and before you know it your abs are on fire!

Level: All Levels
Equipment: Towel, Mat
Instructor: Kate Laing

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