Jennifer Galardi

Shadow Dance

Jennifer Galardi
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Duration:   33  mins

This 30-minute cardio workout combines dance with some boxing-inspired movements for an invigorating workout that will leave you sweating! There’s no complicated choreography, just tons of calorie-burning fun. Consider it your non-stop cardio party, led by trained dancer Jennifer Galardi. Whether you’ve never danced before in your life or you dance regularly, you can follow along with the simple and sassy moves in this 30-minute workout of constant, energetic movement.

This workout is broken down into four mini routines, so each song has its own set of moves that build upon each other. You’ll also start with a warm-up, which will get your body ready to dance. You’ll perform standing isolations of the obliques and abdominals, which will get your body ready for hip and body rolls. You’ll also warm up your upper and lower body so everything’s engaged and ready for more movement.

Next, it’s onto your routines! Each one incorporates some boxing-inspired moves along with dance—your first one, for example, will have you punching and jabbing alongside side steps, hip rolls, and more funky moves. The third routine has some mambo-inspired movements, and the fourth routine is disco-inspired. There’s a little something for everyone in Shadow Dance!

Each routine starts simple and slowly builds, but Jennifer will encourage you and explain it all as you go! She helps you make each movement fun and really enjoy yourself. This is one cardio workout that’s supposed to be fun, and it can be a nice routine to mix up your usual workouts if you get bored or simply want another way to burn calories. And again, even if you don’t consider yourself a dancer, you don’t need to worry about being left behind—you’ll be too busy having fun and shaking your hips to the heart-pumping beat!

Level: All Levels
Equipment: Bodyweight
Instructor: Jennifer Galardi

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