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Stability Ball Core Exercise

Chris Freytag
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Duration:   1  mins

Sick of doing crunches but still want to work your abs? Try this fun stability ball core exercise instead! It’s a great way to work the abdominals and mix up your usual exercise routine. Incorporate this move in any of your core workouts for an added boost! All you’ll need for this simple exercise is a stability ball and a mat. Watch as Chris Freytag demonstrates how to do this stability ball core exercise in just a few simple moves, making it the perfect anytime exercise to strengthen your core and tone your tummy.

Start by grabbing your stability ball and laying all the way down on your mat. Pull your belly to your spine and slightly imprint your lower back onto the mat. Keep your abs nice and tight and lift your feet up off the ground. Next, you’ll roll upwards through the back of the neck, chin to your chest, belly to your spine and pass the stability ball between your ankles. Then you’ll bring it back down with your hands, open up and repeat. This move is a great exercise for your core, as it’s essentially a full body roll up with the added challenge of keeping your feet lifted and using a stability ball.

If this stability ball core exercise is too challenging for you at first, you can work your way up to it by starting off with a slight modification. Lower your legs down to the ground and just practice using the ball and rolling upwards doing an upper body crunch. Either way you do it, this stability ball core exercise is a great move to work your abdominals. It’s a good idea to mix up your ab exercises so you work different abdominal muscles and give yourself enough variety to keep your workouts interesting.

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