Chris Freytag

Super 8 Workout

Chris Freytag
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Duration:   26  mins

Your Super 8 Workout is a bodyweight circuit workout that uses intervals to get your heart pumping and help you work smarter, not longer. There’s no equipment needed for this workout, so you can take it with you on the go and do it anywhere, at any time. Led by Chris Freytag, you’ll perform eight exercises in a row for one minute each. After you go through each of these eight power moves, you’ll take a one-minute rest and then repeat the whole thing again. Lindsey Bomgren will provide modifications throughout the workout to keep it low-impact if that’s what your joints need.

You’ll start your bodyweight workout routine with army crawls; a fantastic total-body move that works your upper body, core, and glutes at the same time. Next, it’s onto squat jacks—a plyometric—that will act as a great cardio interval. Afterwards, you’ll do skaters with a single leg hop. That added hop is the key to making this a powerhouse move that works multiple muscle groups. Next, it’s onto push-ups with alternating runner’s lunges. This combination move will not only work your upper body but stretch out your chest and side body at the same time.

Next up in your bodyweight circuit workout is burpees with mountain climbers (are you feeling the burn yet?) and sit-throughs, before moving onto split jumps and a full-body roll up ending in a leg lift. Chris will provide plenty of instruction and encouragement so she’s with you every step of the way! After round one of this workout, you’ll take a brief one-minute rest before beginning the eight exercises all over again. At the end of this bodyweight circuit workout you’ll get a nice cool-down to stretch out your body, calm your mind, and celebrate the amazing work you’ve put in! A bodyweight workout program like this will leave you feeling stronger, leaner, and healthier—all while using the power of your own body!

Level: Intermediate, Advanced
Equipment: Bodyweight, Mat
Instructor: Chris Freytag

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