Barre Strong

Are you ready to sculpt lean legs and buns, and tone up your arms, abs and back? Check out these Barre-inspired workouts that blend ballet, Pilates, isometric holds and functional strength training to give you a heart-pumping workout and help you get stronger from head to toe.

Barre Strong is an intense program created and led by Trainer Lindsey Bomgren. Before you get started you are going to want to grab a mini loop resistance band, a chair for balance, a small sponge ball and light hand weights. Of course if you want to skip the equipment and do everything with body weight alone that will work too! Don’t let the fact that Lindsey is pregnant at the time we filmed this program fool you. Lindsey, Chris and Kate all will exclaim that their muscles are firing something fierce.

It won’t take long before these tiny but impactful moves build heat in your muscles! The unique movements in barre-style exercises, as opposed to other strength workouts, come from the tiny but intense movements that take place. The time under tension that happens makes you realize just how strong your muscles are becoming! Get ready to shake and quake and feel the burn all over.

Check out all four of the Barre Strong workouts to get strong and lean.

YOUR TRAINER: Lindsey Bomgren
LEVEL: Beginner/Intermediate

  • Barre Strong: Bodyweight HIIT Workou

    Are you ready to sculpt your body and tone everything from head to toe? This body sculpting workout will target all of your major muscles by combining traditional barre moves with strength training for an effective total body workout! Maybe you’ve tried strength training before and fell off the bandwagon quickly because lifting weights just

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  • Barre Strong: Bodyweight HIIT Workout

    Ready to get lean and toned? Sculpt and tone your muscles in this barre influenced bodyweight hiit workout.Get your heart pumping and torch some calories using just your bodyweight. Join Lindsay, Chris and Kate for this amazing 20-minute challenge that will make you work and sweat while also having tons of fun! HIIT training is

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  • Barre Strong: Barre Arms and Abs Workout

    Ready for some amazing arms and abs? Join Lindsay, Chris and Kate for this 20-minute barre arms and abs workout where you will work your upper body, arms and core muscles using a variety of barre and strength movements. If you haven’t tried a barre workout before, you will notice that many of the moves

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  • Barre Strong: Lower Body Barre Workout

    Welcome to our Barre Strong Legs workout! This is an awesome 20-minute lower body barre workout is designed to strengthen and tone all the muscles of the lower body through the use of barre-style movements and positions. Join Lindsay, Kate and Chris as they take you on this lower body blast journey! Before you get

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