Chair Exercise Workouts

Welcome to a new way to get fit, strong and moving all while sitting down! This is our GHU TV Chair Workout series! In these workouts you’ll find some cardio, strength and core work all done while seated in a chair. Whether you are limited in your mobility, experiencing balance challenges, dealing with an injury or just looking for a different way to exercise we invite you to experience any of these three great workouts with us!

What if we told you it was okay to do jumping jacks, flutter kicks, and knee skips all while seated in a chair? What if you could lift weights and build body strength while sitting down? Well we are here to tell you that you CAN! No more excuses; just the freedom to move in a different way!

This series was made for everyone, but primarily those of you who are looking for a workout with the safety and security of a chair. Join trainer Chris Freytag as she cheerfully motivates you to sweat and get strong with these three different chair workouts. Chair Cardio is a great way to get your blood pumping and your heart rate up while sitting down. Chair Strength will get you toned and strong, while giving a special emphasis to your core and posture. Chair Conditioning is an awesome blend of cardio and strength done in a circuit-style rotation.

Maybe you are a beginner looking to get started or have been out of the exercise loop for a while and motivated to get back in. Maybe you are a senior citizen and you want something lower impact or a chair for a sense of security and balance. Heck, maybe you are super fit but an injury put you in a boot and you’re not sure what to do. This chair cardio workout will be perfect for you. Whatever the reason, grab a sturdy chair and move with us. You’ll be given plenty of options during these workouts to make them easier or more challenging. You’ll also see that some moves can be done standing up once you are ready. But mostly you’ll be encouraged to move! Don’t focus on what you can’t do. Focus on what you CAN do and join us for a chair workout!

YOUR TRAINER: Chris Freytag
LEVEL: Beginner

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  • 25:59

    Welcome to our Chair Conditioning Workout! This chair conditioning workout includes all parts of fitness including getting stronger, improving your cardio and strengthening your core. It’s the whole picture of fitness! This workout is great for beginners who are just getting started or those new to exercise. It’s also great for those who have fallen

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  • 28:22

    Want to lift weights and get strong but have some limited mobility? Maybe you are a senior with some balance challenges but you know the importance of strength training. Perhaps you are in a boot but can’t imagine not exercising for 6 weeks. Welcome to our Chair Strength program designed to get anyone and everyone

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  • 24:54

    Welcome to our Chair Cardio workout! What if we told you it was okay to do jumping jacks, flutter kicks, jumproping and knee skips all while seated in a chair? Well we are here to tell you you CAN! If you really want a good workout but maybe have some limited mobility or some type

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