Just Dance

Mix up your usual cardio routine for the week with Just Dance! The Just Dance program features two fun and unique dance workouts: Cardio Groove and Shadow Dance. Led by Jennifer Galardi, each workout is 30 minutes long and a great way to get your heart rate up and have fun while getting in your cardiovascular exercise. No dance experience is necessary to learn these simple but heart-pumping moves that will help you work up a sweat while shaking your hips.

Whereas Cardio Groove builds upon simple steps to create a full-length routine, Shadow Dance is broken down into four mini routines, so each song has its own set of moves. . Jennifer will count out the beat and provide tons of encouragement and fun as you dance along to the music in each of these 30-minute cardio dance workouts.

Your trainer: Jennifer Galardi
Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Results may vary

  • cardio groove workout

    Looking for a fun cardio workout that will get your heart pumping and your hips shaking? Join Jennifer Galardi for Cardio Groove, a 30-minute dance routine with fun, easy-to-follow choreography that provides an invigorating workout. A trained dancer, Jennifer has created this 30-minute dance workout that starts with the basics and builds to a full… Read more »

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  • shadow dance workout

    This 30-minute cardio workout combines dance with some boxing-inspired movements for an invigorating workout that will leave you sweating! There’s no complicated choreography, just tons of calorie-burning fun. Consider it your non-stop cardio party, led by trained dancer Jennifer Galardi. Whether you’ve never danced before in your life or you dance regularly, you can follow… Read more »

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