• 33:06

    LIFT – Low Impact Upper Body Workout

    Working out at home can be fun and effective with this low impact upper body workout! This workout will get your heart pumping while torching calories with low impact cardio and strength movements. Jodi Sussner takes you through this low impact functional training that is all about keeping impact low, but intensity high! Low impact…

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  • 36:48

    LIFT – Low Impact Lower Body Workout

    Join us for this high-intensity low impact lower body workout where you’ll burn calories while sculpting and defining your muscles. This low impact lower body workout will get your heart pumping while torching calories with both lower body strength moves to sculpt and tone your butt and thighs as well and low impact cardio for…

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  • 34:01

    LIFT – Low Impact Cardio and Core Workout

    This low impact cardio and core workout will get your heart rate up while toning and sculpting your core muscles using your own bodyweight. LIFT is all about low impact functional training. The low impact cardio is a way to stay gentle on your joints while keeping intensity high for a great calorie burn. The…

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  • Pilates Yoga Fusion

    LIFT – Pilates Yoga Fusion

    Pilates yoga fusion is the perfect blend of pilates and yoga, flexibility and core strength to really work intensity without a lot of impact. This awesome workout is all about balance. You can do it barefoot or put on shoes if you prefer. The pilates portion of the workout will remind you to breathe using…

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