• 32:34

    Tread and Shred – Interval Walk 1

    Looking for a way to intensify your indoor walks or at least make it more fun? Well look no further because this Tread and Shred Interval Walk 1 is just the solution for you! This fun treadmill interval walk workout will bring the strength of a low impact workout, the motivation from your favorite fitness…

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  • 31:59

    Tread and Shred – Pyramid Run 1

    Have you joined in on any of our other Get Healthy U TV Pyramid styled strength workouts? Power up and become more energized and more fit with this powerful pyramid run workout! This workout is an interval-based workout and we call it a Pyramid Workout for a reason! We will do a total of 7…

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  • 32:35

    Tread and Shred – Interval Run 1

    As a runner, it’s important to switch up your training methods. Whether it’s speed work, endurance work, hill running, or interval running, they all have benefits that will play an important role in your training. This interval run is one you will want to do if you are looking to work on increasing your distance…

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  • 21:44

    Tread and Shred – Interval Walk 2

    Treadmill walking, and walking in general, will help you to build your cardiovascular endurance and torch some extra calories. By incorporating both increases in speed and incline, you are incorporating resistance training throughout your walk. By adding in resistance (such as incline) it’s another way to increase your metabolism while also toning muscles throughout the…

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  • 32:30

    Tread and Shred – HIIT Walk and Run 1

    What do you think of when you hear the words “HIIT?” Do you think of treadmill intervals, do you think of strength drills, or do you simply think intense intervals?! Well all are correct, however, the treadmill can be a great tool when it comes to HIIT training! In this 30-minute treadmill walk and run…

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  • 22:43

    Tread and Shred – Incline Run 1

    Is running uphill at an incline a training practice that you love or one that you love to hate? Before you shy away from this run, we want you to understand why running at an incline is beneficial. Running at an incline can help increase your strength, speed, and confidence in running. And if we…

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  • 33:06

    Tread and Shred – Rolling Hills Walk 1

    Join trainer Chris Freytag for a rolling hills walk working with inclines in this 30-minute hill-climber workout! This workout provides a 5-minute warm-up and then takes you on a series of speed and incline changes that give you the feeling of hiking both up and down on a mountain. Your speed will vary a little…

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  • 32:04

    Tread and Shred – Power Pyramid Walk 1

    What’s low impact on the joints, adds years to your life, and is great for your cardiovascular health? Walking!! That’s right – fitness doesn’t need to be complicated! In fact, it can be just as easy as walking. And that’s exactly what we are going to do in this power pyramid walk. Get ready to…

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  • 33:02

    Tread and Shred – Interval Walk + Run 1

    Whether you’re training for race day or you’re looking to run off some steam, a common misconception when it comes to running is that you need to log a bunch of miles over time. While logging miles is essential, it’s as important to focus on your body’s mental and physical ability to sustain endurance over…

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