Stress Relief Yoga

Stretch your muscles and calm your mind with Stress Relief Yoga, a deeply restorative practice led by instructor Jennifer Galardi. This stress relief yoga flow is great to do on its own or as a cool-down after an intense workout. Our body and mind need time to decompress, and stress relief yoga not only helps us achieve that but in relaxing the nervous system it can help us improve digestion, circulation, and even our sleeping patterns. Give this relaxing practice a try—no yoga experience needed!

YOUR TRAINER: Jennifer Galardi

LEVEL: Beginner

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  • Stress Relief Yoga

    Relax your mind and body in this restorative yoga practice led by Jennifer Galardi. This Stress Relief Yoga practice is the perfect bookend to any day or add-on to any workout. This type of stress-relieving yoga practice helps to relax the nervous system, which is important for your overall health.

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