Sweating Sexy

Are you ready for an invigorating dance program that helps you burn calories while having fun? Dance workouts are a great way to get in cardiovascular exercise while letting loose and doing something you enjoy, and Sweating Sexy is no exception. Led by Jennifer Galardi, this program of dance workouts is full of toning moves to sculpt a lean, sexy dancer’s body. You’ll work your abs, shake your hips, and build strength as you engage different muscles and sweat to the music.

YOUR TRAINER: Jennifer Galardi
LEVEL: Beginner

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  • Cardio Dance Workout

    Are you looking for an upbeat cardio dance workout that helps you burn calories? Then our Sweating Sexy program is for you! Led by Jennifer Galardi, these dance routines give you a great cardiovascular workout while also being a fun form of exercise you can look forward to. Each cardio dance workout in this program… Read more »

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  • Dance Workout Warm Up

    Get ready for a fun and sexy dance program by starting with this Sweating Sexy Warm Up, led by Jennifer Galardi. Jennifer is a classically trained dancer, as well as a certified fitness and yoga instructor who has created this innovative workout to help you burn calories while having fun through dance. Before you start… Read more »

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  • Dance Workout Video

    Combining the grace and rhythm of dance with the toning isolations of a bodyweight workout, you’ll burn calories and have fun at the same time in part one of this Sweating Sexy dance workout video! Now that you’ve laid the groundwork with your dance workout warm-up, it’s time to start a simple routine that will… Read more »

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  • Cardio Dance Routine

    Sweating Sexy Part II builds on the movements and form you’ve learned in Sweating Sexy Part I for a more fast-paced cardio dance routine that Jennifer demonstrates beat-by-beat with confidence and motivation. You’ll kick, jump, roll and shake your way to a better body all while having fun in this workout. Before you begin Part… Read more »

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  • Cool Down

    After you’ve completed your Sweating Sexy workouts, you’ll want to slow things down with a gentle cool down. You can use this cool down after your Sweating Sexy workouts or as a nice series of stretches after any of your other Get Healthy U TV workouts. Similar to the Sweating Sexy Warm Up, this Cool… Read more »

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